In the army now

Sometimes people ask me what it is like to be in Regiment.  Last thursday’s return from summer break serves as a perfect example.  We’re required to turn up, marched around and inspected as per usual.  Then we’re instructed to go to assigned barracks to sit on the floor and examine two sheets of paper. 

One of the sheets is a printout of our details that we are to confirm if correct and if not, make the necessary corrections.  The other is a list of the different companies or specializations you can choose within your service, of which your choice likely won’t matter as Regiment will place you where they see fit anyway.  You pass on the second sheet to the next person as there isn’t the budget to photocopy the sheet and we won’t be making the actual decision for 2 months anyway.

This of course is followed up by about an hour and a half of sitting on the floor, which we’ve adequately deemed ‘wait training’, the most frequent Regimental training exercise.  Then we’re hearded out to stand on ‘the square’ for a while and do some more waiting before being marched around, barked at because not everybody turned up which is somehow half our fault and then dismissed to go home.

Ah the regiment.  Can you see why people are so fond of it?   One can only wonder what tonight’s experience shall entail.

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