Perks of the Regiment

Those who hold the belief that the regiment is all bad would be mistaken.  While it does have it’s quirks, it also has it’s perks, namely providing much needed opportunities for worldly travel to young Bermudians who might otherwise never have the opportunity.

During last night’s drill night, it was announced that there is the opportunity for Regimental soldiers to sign up for extra training.  While typically any sort of opportunities for ‘extra duties’ would sent conscripts running for the hills, this opportunity happens to include the ability to spend 6 weeks in Morocco with 4 weeks of training and 2 weeks of free time with pay at a rate of $1000 a week. 

These are exactly the kinds of opportunities that are things you could look forward to as a member of the regiment and might just be enough to encourage you to show up prepared when you’re supposed to and not be too much trouble.  While personally I am not in the position to take leave from my job for such an extended period, if I were, it’d definately be a trip I’d be keen on even despite the 4 weeks of training.  Africa is an incredible, eye-opening place to see that many young Bermudians should have the opportunity to be exposed to and I encourage those in the position to go to give it much consideration.  I highly doubt you’d regret it.

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1 thought on “Perks of the Regiment

  1. During my military time I was at first very much interested in this trip. Indeed, I signed up for it, but had to withdraw later due to work issues (I couldn’t get the time off). However, I since did some research on it, or rather Morocco, and I don’t think I would do it if offered the chance again. Morocco certainly isn’t a democratic paradise, but it was more the continued occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco that put me off. Imagine participating in military training with the military of a country involved in illegally occupying another country and guilty of numerous human rights abuses. Its like particpating with the (fomrer) Suharto Indonesian government while East Timor was still occupied, but even today Irian Jaya remains occupied I suppose. At best, join it and see for yourself, but its always good to enter into things with ones eyes wide open.

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