Politics.bm 4 year anniversary

Whether you love him or hate him, Christian Dunleavey’s ongoing dedication to Bermuda should not go unnoticed. 

As a fellow blogger who has followed in the footsteps of those like Christian, I have gained first hand appreciation for the time and energy that goes into not only regularly voicing one’s thoughts day in and day out but also attaching your name to every one of them.  This, on top of life’s daily struggles, can prove an arduous and draining task and truly shows the dedication that an individual can have for seeing a better future for Bermuda.

I have tremendous respect for Christian for having sustained his efforts for 4 years as of today.  It truly takes having a blog, writing regularly and facing criticism to even gain a mild understanding of what Christian has achieved over the past 4 years.

With that I’d like to offer Christian my congratulations on achieving the 4 year mark.

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