Quick mention on jobs.

1000 jobs added a year?  That’s the claim of a new report that will apparently be released tomorrow.  Of particular concern are mentions in the article such as:

In 2006, 75 percent of new jobs were filled by non-Bermudians and that trend looks likely to continue.

553 according the the job market report.

Surprisingly it is not international business that is creating the largest portion of the new jobs, but the booming construction industry.

How many more are to come with all the hotel projects in scope?  Too many projects at once causes a shortage which means more workers and potentially higher costs if you cannot attract and house them easily.

However, perhaps we can take comfort that everything will be balanced out by the exodus of mid level workers, though those Bermudians who work in the mid level positions may need to begin fearing that they’ll lose their jobs.

We seriously need to consider slowing down our development for we are seriously overheating our economy.  A soft close and other tactics to evaluate and work with our overall industry.  Things are moving much too quickly and we are overstretching the abilities of our infrastructure to keep up.

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