Will the real drama queen please stand up

The quick words of Deputy Opposition Leader Patricia Gordon-Pamplin with regards to her husband’s arrest have left her looking like quite the fool and inspired many to question how she would react as a leader of our country if the scenario were changed.

Going on the immediate offensive and throwing the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” out the window, Ms. Gordon-Pamplin launched a preemptive assault on her husband’s credibility by referring to him as “worthless” and a “Drama King”.  This when he was expressing concern for the embarassment that may be born for her and the UBP.

With charges having now been dropped, Ms. Gordon-Pamplin has been made to look quite the fool in proving to be the real source of embarassment for her party and proving who the real drama queen is in this scenario.  Is this the kind of response we’d want from a leader of our country if the situation were a less personal one?

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4 thoughts on “Will the real drama queen please stand up

  1. Sal,
    People seem to forget that I’m no fan of either party and thus I’m not going to hold back on calling a spade a spade.
    If Ms. Gordon-pamplin has any hopes of leading this country one day, she should learn to not be so easily ruled by her emotions. What if this was a scenario where she was in diplomatic talks with the US as the Premier of our country?

  2. This could be any couple in the PLP also,when it comes to husband and wife,or any relatives, I have learned it is best to stay out of it.

  3. Sal,
    Perhaps, however she was not asked for her opinion, she preemptively volunteered it and in doing so publically tarnished the character of her husband in a time when it was already being put to public scrutiny.

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