BHC Scandal Survey Results

1. Do you think the Privy Council was right to rule in favor of the newspapers?

Value Count Percent %
Yes 87 97.75%
No 2 2.25%

2. Is it likely the PLP will attack the ruling and allegations as UBP electioneering?

Value Count Percent %
Likely 83 94.32%
Unlikely 5 5.68%


3. Do you think the PLP will move to introduce anti-corruption legislation prior to the next election

Value Count Percent %
No 85 95.51%
Yes 4 4.49%

4. When do you think the election will be called?

Value Count Percent %
Summer 2008 33 37.08%
Spring 2008 21 23.60%
Christmas 17 19.10%
Not sure 12 13.48%
Immediately 6 6.74%

Awesome stuff, this survey worked out better than I could have imagined.  Now for the coolest part.  Where did my responses come from?


Most interestingly, out of less than 100 responses there were two outliers, one in Beijing, China and the other in Mauritius.  I’ll leave it up to you to guess how the person in China thought the Privy Council should have ruled.

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4 thoughts on “BHC Scandal Survey Results

  1. Re: China
    Maybe Ewart decided to let his true feelings out in your survey. 😉
    What I find interesting is what the map says about the readership of the blog. Looks like business travellers to me.

  2. Excellant work Mr. Pitcher. But your email to me is a bit off. That was Turkey I was eating, not Chicken.
    Mabe you can zoom in a bit or get your forensic buddy to look more carefully. A “Pitcher speaks a thousand words” so get it rite.:-)

  3. I checked the map, no hits from the Carib! Now that is interesting. And, who is that way up in the North?
    So, if you can view where your readers come from, what can the US/Can/UK/EU/China/…etc view and can the computers used sourced to the operator?

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