Milestone: 3000+ visitors a month

This Year's Visits by Month

Over the year that I’ve written this blog, I’ve watched it grow from zero readers when it began to today where I’ve reached 3000+ visits in a month.

The purpose of this blog as it has grown is to dispel rumors and myths so as to encourage people to seek truths with regards to our local governance along with share ideas of how we could be doing better.  We deserve honest and forthright governance that holds the interests of our people closest to their hearts.  Not their own.

If you believe in what I say and wish more people would listen, help make a difference by telling people about my site.  Convince them that they should read my arguments to understand what our government is doing and what questions they aren’t answering.  Force people to ask themselves why our government isn’t answering.  The more people you tell, the more they will tell, and truth shall spread like a virus.

If you have something to add, start a blog.  Speak out and spread the word.  The more people who voice their disappointment in the system and their willingness to place their vote not on party or racial lines, but on those truly committed to making our island great, the sooner we’ll get there.

With your support truth will spread.  With enough voters demanding truth and pressuring our government, whether PLP, UBP or unknown, they’ll finally start giving a damn about what the people think.

Make a difference.

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Congrats again on the success of your blog. Clearly your message is reaching people. Even the traditional newspaper outlets have referenced your site at times, further validating the impact that local blogs can have when it comes to providing insight and commentary on things happening in Bermuda.


Congratulations, Denis!!! It is indeed a milestone. I come here to get insight on many things Bermudian, many things the papers don’t mention, so keep up the great work!


Congrats! The non-political, non-commercial inquiry and discussion on blogs like yours is an asset to the island.

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor

Sure you got 3000 visitors in a month but how many of those were BUSINESS visitors? (-;
Seriously though, congrats Denis and keep up the good work!