Psst… Mr. Premier

The Royal Gazette has 10 reasons why Bermuda was perfect for the Grand slam by the managing editor of the US PGA website, John L. Byrwa.  Number 9 caught my attention.

No. 9:A pop-star Premier. Where else can you go and find the leader of a free country — albeit a country that’s only approximately 22 square miles in total area — out milling about with the common folk? No massive security detail, no armed guards in dark sunglasses whispering into walkie-talkies, no huge entourage, just the Honourable Dr. Ewart Frederick Brown and a discreet assistant out walking among the people, shaking hands and talking to anyone who approaches. He even remembers your name the next day. (Trust me on that one, too.)

Hint hint, Mr. Premier: “no huge entourage”.  We like you better when you’re just one of 60,000 at the same level as the rest of us and, apparently, so do others.

The rest of the 10 reasons are an enjoyable read and definitely paint our little island in a good light.  Kudos to Dr. Brown for pulling it off.

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