Why Regiment sucks

There are times when being conscripted into the Bermuda Regiment can be bearable and then their are times when it just downright sucks.  This happens to be one of the latter.

Usually the Regiment is pretty reasonable about scheduling, a lot more reasonable than I anticipated when I first went in.  Weekend camps occur usually once every 6 weeks or so, or are at least spaced out by a couple weeks.  We usually get the Thursday night off after a weekend camp and we get 2 months off in the summer to break up the year.  Overall, the year was looking quite reasonable.  Right up until our schedule was changed three weeks ago.

Our new schedule is quite ridiculous.  We began the month with a full Saturday (we have to be there for about 7:00 am) of exercises and training, a Sunday morning (another 7:00am) parade practice and half the Monday for the Governor’s leaving parade.  The following Thursday we had off.  Then we had to return for Thursday last week, we had a weekend camp this weekend which meant the Friday night and Saturday up until about 6pm but thankfully Saturday night and Sunday off.  However, we have to be in camp for Thursday when we usually after a weekend camp we have it off and we have another weekend camp this weekend.

The only thing worse than having two weekend camps with two Thursdays in a row is that we have to be in camp over Halloween weekend, which just plain sucks.

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