Conscripts to guard the Premier?

From the Throne Speech:

The Government will bolster the human resource capabilities within the Bermuda Police Service in the areas of intelligence analysis and will explore the scope for deploying Bermuda Regiment personnel to support the Bermuda Police Service, as may be necessary, in areas such as guard duties, thereby releasing police officers to carry out mainstream policing duties.

This is likely a take off of Minister Burch’s wild suggestion that Regimental Soldiers should guard the Premier’s and Governor’s houses.

Yes, there’s a thought.  Get conscripted regimental soldiers, put rifles in their hands and then ask them to guard the house of the man who suggested that conscription is the “price of living in paradise”.

Someone has really thought this one through.

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4 thoughts on “Conscripts to guard the Premier?

  1. Oh he’s thought it out all right. He wants a full time corps. A presidential guard. With black berets perhaps?

  2. Come on Dennis, haven’t you been following this government’s policy implementation at all?
    It’s simple:
    1. Announce stupid policy to pander to base.
    2. Blame someone for pointing out that it’s stupid.
    3. Do nothing.

  3. simple question – do u all really think that dunkley & co. would run this island better than the plp.
    pls go look up dr. brown’s professional, academic, social and political achievements
    do the same for paula cox…
    and then compare them to pamphlins and dunkleys
    if you think that the plps ideas are an issue – OMG with the ubp in power we will be the laughing stock of the world – can u imagine those two in high level int’l meetings?

  4. Chapman,
    What exactly does your comment have to do with the issue at hand, or is the extent of your debating capabilities along the lines of, “u guyz dont have a clu. LOLOLOLOL!!!”. Yes, that’s the standard of discourse that Bermuda needs. Why not try actually addressing the subject of Denis’ post?
    For my part, I don’t have a problem with the Premier – any Premier – having security. I think that the position warrants proper security, and if the Regiment is the body chosen to provide that security, so be it.

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