Fear of criticism

Phil Wells over at A Limey in Bermuda hits it dead on with his commentary regarding the PLP and it’s fear of criticism.

Well, why should a political party’s website link to or publish comments from its critics, you may ask? Isn’t that expecting a bit much?

Not if that party has any self-confidence, it shouldn’t be. A link isn’t an endorsement, it’s an acknowledgment of the existence of another point of view. It’s what blogging is all about: a debate between people with different opinions. You link to your intellectual opponents because you respect your readers’ right to make up their own minds, while remaining confident that your own arguments are the stronger ones.

Thus far the PLP have proven themselves incapable of rationally debating any point which serves as a grave disappointment.  Instead, they continually resort to demonizing every critic as if everyone who holds an opposing point of view must be evil, a racist or both.  Acting as if having a different point of view is unhealthy and wrong when in reality it can help strengthen proposals.  

Unfortunately the PLP have failed to realize that for many bloggers it isn’t simply about targeting the PLP, it’s about coming up with solutions that will yield the best results for our island.  We care about Bermuda, it’s why we blog.  We care about ensuring we have the just and accountable government that we so much need and deserve, UBP or PLP.  Despite people who attempt to attest to the contrary, the internet isn’t a fad and likely many of today’s blogger’s would still be critical of a UBP government if they won the coming election.  Undoubtedly, if the UBP did win and PLP supporters chose to rise up and rationally criticize and debate issues, policy and proposed solutions of a UBP government they’d be welcomed by the blogging community.  Healthy debate is essential and regardless of the government, PLP or UBP, our leadership had better get used to it because the people finally have a voice.

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4 thoughts on “Fear of criticism

  1. Dennis,
    I venture to say that if the UBP win the election then the UBP – or at least Young United will be VERY open to rational debate and discussion.
    Ultimately we all want (hopefully) what’s best for Bermuda, and if we retain respect, honesty, and integrity in our dealings with others then we will all come away with better solutions. It’s a challenge for me, it’s a challenge for all of us. Hopefully you’ll help keep us honest.

  2. And I suppose the UBP links to negative articles about them? I dont remember seeing links about the articles on Patricia Gordon Pamplin’s ‘worthless husband’ during that soap opera.
    Self-confidence has nothing to do with.
    That just doesnt make sense. Why would anyone link to things that show them negatively.

  3. Ha. Alex, I’ll believe it when I see it. From my chats with a couple UBPers they can handle criticism only slightly better than the PLP do. Should they win, they’d better get used to the idea that if you can’t handle criticsm you shouldn’t be in politics.
    I’m a bit annoyed that the PLP hasn’t bothered to link to my site. I’ve tried to be quite fair in my criticms as well as my commendations and yet have been blatently ignored.
    This despite the fact that I’ve linked to their youth blog numerous times despite the fact that I am personally boycotting the site. I have also included both progressive minds and the PLP’s blog in my blog roll.
    So, I’ve been happy to link to things that attempt to show me negatively.
    Tell me why the PLP can’t accept and debate criticisms? Frankly, I’ve raised a great many issues that should concern all Bermudians and yet they’ve been blatently ignored.

  4. “Undoubtedly, if the UBP did win and PLP supporters chose to rise up and rationally criticize and debate issues, policy and proposed solutions of a UBP government they’d be welcomed by the blogging community.”
    Gosh! Can you imagine?
    I’m almost thinking that the UBPs campaign should be “Just give us one term. Four years. That’s it. After that, bring back the PLP, if you want.”
    If, and it’s a big “if”… and should possibly be followed with a “Pshyeahright!”, the UBP win this election (Pshyeahright!), you’re going to see spankings left, right and center.
    They will take a beating from all sides, I think. I know I won’t be cutting them any slack, nor will you, sir, I don’t think. Knowing Limey, he’s probably champing at the bit to go off on them.
    Nice to see you posting again, ken!

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