Inflated poles

Ok, so a friend has hit out in defence of the UBP’s fish bit as being a satirical poke but unfortunately most people don’t get satire.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of the most unfunny guys out there, who is for the most part far too serious for my age, but I mean, come on.  No offence to the UBP’s ad guys intended, but it could have been better and the problem isn’t the premise of two fish in the ocean nor the cartoons themselves.  Largely, it’s the script, the non-Bermudian voices, the excruciatingly slow pace and the lack of overall content.

The fish thing could still be made to work but I’m sorry if I just don’t get the point of the ‘opinion polls’ that involve tiny fish forming the letters UBP.  It’s simply not funny because it just doesn’t make any sense.  What do little fish forming the letters UBP have to do with polls?

Here’s an example of how I would have made fun of ‘opinion polls’, and it’s something that could be captured in a still frame that takes all of a few seconds to get the gist of, which, in advertising, is about all the time you really have when dealing with the average attention span.

The two fish swim up to a pole (like a barber pole) sticking out of the bottom of the ocean with PLP colours on it and the word “opinions” scrawled across it.  Attached to it is an over-inflated balloon which reads: “PLP rulez”.  To which the fish see it and suggest: “looks like the PLP are trying to float another overly inflated opinion poll”.

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3 thoughts on “Inflated poles

  1. Yeah, that would have been a little clearer.
    Found out my father thought it was good…but he is the wrong damn demographic.
    Don’t waste your time and money on my father UBP, he is already most likely voting for you.
    Do a little more research on the markets you need and proceed thus. Thanks.

  2. “Opinion poll” was a play on the “fishing pole” without a hook. Too subtle evidently. And yes, satire don’t work in Bermy.

  3. Naa, I woke up this morning and thought this was no good.
    What would have been better is the two fish swiming up to a puffer fish all inflated who’s holding up a sign “I’m voting PLP”
    The Truth,
    Ahh, I see the point a bit better now. I completely didn’t think of a fishing pole.

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