"It wasn’t me. It was the one-armed man"


Premier Brown has had so many people speaking on his behalf as of late it’s hard to tell who to believe when he shift’s blame by suggesting it wasn’t him or that those speaking for him were incorrect and weren’t speaking for him, even when it’s their job.

In the recent PLP email that was sent around, Premier Brown’s name was signed at the bottom as leader of the party. 

The long knives of the opposition are out. Along with their willing accomplices in the media, they will do everything they can to put old power brokers back in charge.

But, the truth is, the old UBP power elites no longer control Bermuda — the people are in charge. And, we, the people have an obligation to keep government working for you — not for the old elites.

Which was signed:

Sincerely, Ewart Brown, Party Leader.

But then the Party’s Press Secretary Premier’s Press Secretary suggested

“The Premier didn’t sit at a computer and write it,” he said, adding that Dr. Brown had no comment to make on its contents.

Sorry Premier Brown, few may expect you to have the time to write everything that is sent out, but most do expect you to have knowledge of what your name is being put to and will hold you accountable to what is said if it’s sent from organizations which you lead.

Again, that also goes for comments made by your Press Secretary.  His sole job is to represent you and thus should be kept up to date on your position on issues considering that his word is to be taken as your official remarks.  Thus, when he speaks for you and you don’t immediately correct it, it is hard to accept later when you correct it via facebook rather than through the media.  Certainly, how can we now be certain that it’s actually you on facebook and you now won’t again turn around and claim that it again was someone else speaking wrongly on your behalf?


This whole debacle is getting to the point where one could wonder if the Premier is attempting to pull an Abbot and Costello style “who’s on first” gag on our people.


Finally, the sheer fact that our Premier has taken to using up handicapped parking spaces for his personal leisure begs the question of whether we’re about to hear him make like Jim Carrey as ‘The Mask’ and blame it on the one armed man.

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