Kyoto Pledge

Government’s sudden interest in the Kyoto Protocol must be some sort of joke as they attempt to suddenly put on an environmentally friendly persona contradicting past actions.  Certainly it has expressed zero interest in it from 1998 all the way up until when it came into force in 2005.

“With all due respect to this administration and past administrations, no one has taken a lead on this. Governments have looked only as far ahead as the next election. That is a very short timescale.”  said Wayne Perinchief, Minister for Community and Cultural Affairs.

Sounds a lot to me like this government is still only looking as far ahead as the next election.

A quick reminder to the writers of the Bermuda Sun to note that Bermuda’s power generation is diesel and gas-turbine generated, not coal fired, which is far worse.

BELCO has previously said that it is investigating all possible alternative energy solutions but that at present only more coal-fired generators are suitable for the island.

Should BELCO itself be looking to escape some of the heat with regards to the non-green nature of their diesel based power generation they could be exploring algae farm technology to recycle the carbon dioxide produced by their power plants.

That and explore further alternative energy options.

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