Limbo Party

Still on the two-fish bit, I woke up with more inspiration of what would be better and couldn’t help myself.

The two fish are at the edge of a big party.  There are balloons and a whole bunch of fish everywhere who are partying.  In the center of the image there’s a limbo pole setup quite low to the ground and it’s obvious fish are trying to swim under it.  Above there’s a banner that says “PLP Limbo Party”

The one fish asks the other: “Why are you at a PLP party?”

The other fish responds:  “I’m watching to see how low they can go”

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3 thoughts on “Limbo Party

  1. As an added note, a friend pointed out that he didn’t get it because it simply seems like a dig at the PLP.
    The point was to make fun of the fact that at every PLP rally and party as of late they’ve been making very low blows.
    Unfortunately, as he and I both agreed, if you’ve gotta explain the joke, it’s not funny. Of which, I stick by my disclaimer: Denis != funny

  2. Have you seen the article on the PLP blog about this?
    Aside from being a rubbish ad, these desperately unfunny fish are apparently “brimming with race-based allusion”.
    The PLP plays the race card yet again.

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