Party support survey results

The following is a completely unscientific 21 Square poll

What party do you support?

Value Count Percent %
I’m a UBP supporter 53 45.69%
I’m a swing voter who supports the party that best addresses the core issues of Bermuda 31 26.72%
I can’t vote 26 22.41%
I’m a PLP supporter 4 3.45%
I don’t vote 2 1.72%
Of 116 people who admitted to reading this blog by filling out a survey, nearly 46% consider themselves UBP supporters, 27% consider themselves swing voters not supporting either party, 22% can’t vote and 3% consider themselves PLP supporters.
Overall,91% of people said they don’t think the PLP presented clear and well thought out plans last election.  Interestingly, 97% of swing voters held the same view while only 91% of UBP supporters thought the PLP’s plans weren’t clear.
Of the UBP in the 2003 election, overall 72% felt they did present clear and well thought out plans for our island.  With PLP supporters being split at 50% and 58% of swing voters feeling the UBP’s plans were well thought out.

In the 2003 election, do you feel the PLP focused more on race than they did on issues? 

Overall, 86% of respondents felt the PLP focused more on race than on issues in the 2003 election compared with 95% of respondents who felt the UBP focused more on the issues.  Interestingly, none of the PLP supporters felt the PLP focused more on race than on issues while one felt that the UBP had.  When asked about the 2007 election, 96% of those polled felt that the PLP would focus on race over issues while 96% also felt that the UBP would focus on issues instead of race.

When asked about party performance over the last four years, 95% of people we unsatisfied with how the PLP has performed in the role of leadership while 76% are unsatisfied with how the UBP has performed as opposition.  Half of PLP supporters were unsatisfied with the PLP’s performance while all were unsatisfied with the UBP’s.   Of swing voters, 94% were unsatisfied with the PLP and 87% were unsatisfied with the UBP.  Of UBP supporters, 98% were unsatisfied with the PLP’s performance and only 40% were happy with the UBP’s.

Why do your support your party?

Value Count Percent %
They best represent the issues most important to me 54 46.55%
I don’t support a specific party 42 36.21%
They represent my political ideologies 19 16.38%
They represent my race 1 0.86%
Of reasoning for party support, PLP supporters were divided evenly over issue representation and political ideologies.  Of UBP supporters, 68% relied on issues, 30% relied on political ideologies and 2% or 1 individual admitted they supported the UBP based upon race. 

How did you vote in 2003 and are you likely to vote for the 2007 election?

Value Count Percent %
I voted UBP and will vote UBP 56 49.56%
I can’t vote 29 25.66%
I didn’t vote and will vote UBP 15 13.27%
I voted PLP and will vote UBP 4 3.54%
I voted PLP and will vote PLP 3 2.65%
I didn’t vote and won’t be voting 2 1.77%
I voted UBP and will vote PLP 2 1.77%
I didn’t vote and will vote PLP 1 0.88%
I voted UBP and won’t be voting 1 0.88%
Of PLP supporters, 25% said they can’t vote while the rest voted PLP and will vote PLP in the 2007 election.  Of UBP supporters, 78% will continue to vote UBP while 15% who didn’t vote in 2003 will be voting UBP.   Swing voters prove interesting with 52% having voted UBP last election and having decided they will continue to do so next election.  24% didn’t vote and will vote UBP.  10% voted PLP and will be switching to vote for the UBP while 7% voted UBP and will be switching to vote PLP.

Who do you think will win the 2007 election?

Value Count Percent %
not sure 54 46.55%
36 31.03%
PLP 26 22.41%
When it came to predicting the outcome of the election, many people thought it would be too close to call.  PLP supporters were 100% certain that the PLP would again be victorious while UBP supporters were a little less certain with 42% believing the UBP would win and 13% believing the PLP would win.   Of those unable to vote, 39% believe the UBP will win whilt 19% believe the PLP will win.  The majority of swing voters were unsure of the outcome with 32% believing the PLP would win and only 10% believing the UBP would win.
Thanks for your participation and please continue to do so in future surveys.
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13 thoughts on “Party support survey results

  1. dp, i love this blog but u do know that for whatever reason the bulk of bdans who care about these political cyber debates on, new onion etc r white and/or ubp – the average plp supporter like my aunts and uncles and cousins are pretty unaware of them – so i have to say that this poll is about as evenhanded and precise as the polls – but hey it was pretty funny.

  2. Vanz,
    Actually, I beleive the reason why the bulk of Bermudians that participate in online dicussions are white directly corelates with the high cost of technology and exposure throughout the last few decades.
    That being that because of economic disparities between the races, blacks are much less likely to have and to have had access to technology as whites have.
    Look at the cost of computers and the internet: largely prohibitive to giving underpriveledged blacks exposure to the future and some of the highest in demand jobs on the island in the realm of technology. This is exactly why I harp on it so often and call for getting kids more exposure to computers, the internet and technology.
    “The following is a completely unscientific 21 Square poll”
    Thats exactly what I put at the top of this post for this poll is completely unscientific. It is representative of my readership and is roughly accurate in depicting the views of them. It happens to give good insights into UBP and swing voters but unfortunately due to lack of readership by PLP supporters and likely by blacks in general due to the issues noted above, it is unlikely to expect that there would be a solid representative by all aspects of Bermuda’s society.

  3. i’ve been to south africa several times and obviously teh racial economic disparity is even wider – but blks there r constantly in internet cafes on computers – why can’t that be the case in bda?

  4. Vanz,
    The population of South Africa is almost 48 million.
    Most likely South African’s use the internet to communicate with each other like many people around the world.
    Bermuda is very different however. If most of the people you know live in Bermuda and you see them as often as you do in Bermuda, there isn’t much need for the internet as a communication medium. Especially when the phone works fine and you are like to only be communicating with US/UK.
    There need to be benefits to encourage the average Bermudian to want to use a computer and really there are a great many that make it worthwhile.
    However, for the youth there are tremendous benefits with regards to education and the access to the worlds knowledge and thus in order to best prepare our youth for the future we should be doing everythign we can to expose them to such wealth of knowledge and opportunity.

  5. Denis – I disagree with your economic disparity argument when taking into consideration the relatively low cost of computers these days and the statistical evidence (which I admittedly can’t put my hands on right now) which indicates that Bermuda has one of the highest concentrations of computers per capita/household in the world (as is also the case with TVs, phones, churches, sales of single Elephant beers, mayonnaise consumption, etc.).
    Furthermore our schools and libraries are entirely connected to the world wide web and modern cell phones make access even easier.
    With regard to internet cafes in Bermuda … whenever I walk by they are occupied almost entirely by tourists so one has to presume that if locals are online they don’t need to do it in hourly increments as they are connected elsewhere.
    Vanz’s new blog:
    … also leads me to believe that black Bermudians certainly possess the internet, time and inclination to utilise cyberspace to express … an opinion.

  6. 32n64w,
    With regards to the reasoning for why more Bermudians are not exposed and familiar with computers and the internet I stand by my arguement.
    Today they may be cheaper, but yesterday they were quite expensive. This makes it less likely that those less fortunate would have the same likelyhood of exposure as those more fortunate.
    Internet is still horribly cost prohibitive. If I had things my way, basic internet connectivity would be free in Bermuda.
    I’d be willing to wager that the percentage of white bermudians online outweighs the percentage of black bermudians online.

  7. That would probably give you close to the same physical number of blacks and whites online then even if it was 100% white Bermudians and 80% black Bermudians. I just don’t think the interests or inclinations are the same.
    I don’t recall the numbers but a very very large percentage of this island is online black, white and otherwise. I am in marketing and in the industry, I have had to have a look at the households and it is fairly prolific here and now. Even taking economic imbalances into account, an old computer with a dial-up account can still access these blogs with relative ease. I just do not think the interest is there.
    Mr. Chapman seems to have a vested interest in visiting these forums, through his family ties and political beliefs, although some of his statements are counterproductive and inflammatory, that is his opinion and right. He is not hurting anyone except perhaps himself. I disagree with him and am appalled at his current blog, but I am glad to see him online and in these conversations in hopes that we all can reach some middle ground and clarification some day. Communication and understanding is always a nice goal.

  8. I can see where everybody’s coming from and think that these opinions all have merit.
    Perhaps the “f$#@ politics” sentiment among many sectors of the youth means less of them peruse the local blogs, however look at the music/entertainment local sites, they get tons of attention. VybezAlliance, blackand coke, bermynet, people go online all the time and check them out.
    That’s not even including the Facebook community which is vast.

  9. You know something Vanz, I did not even read all your statement nor the rest of your comments. Underprivilliaged my a…
    Can’t afford a computer? Get off the damn cell phones and from in front of the TV and they might have a clue as too what is going on instead of yak yak all day.
    Your a trip man, really…………….

  10. Rummy, your de Man! somebody’s got to tell the truth,we are being drowned by the BULLSHIT of gutter PLP politics site,it’s worse than Sybil Barrington’s drag queen show

  11. Thanks Sal. And thanks to Mr. Pitcher for allowing us to make comments here. It’s more than more than racial. It’s class and social standing. There should be a law with regard to ‘assault’ (ass intended) making it an offence to ‘procure, assist, have knowledge of, conspire, accesory after the fact, et al to ‘obstruct, impede, delay, restrict, or otherwise assist in the free passage of ‘things with two legs’ excluding ‘birds of prey, and transiant fowl feathered animals’.
    My problem with the whole thing is…..who will have the last laugh. Hopefully, people will use their local knowledge, experience and fortitude to give up the past and move on.
    Us writers will not be here for long but what will our children think or will they hoodwinked.
    Ya know Rummy….not afraid…mighy first gotta run….on 21….
    A great day too all. Thanks Dennis.

  12. Rummy, “You know something Vanz, I did not even read all your statement nor the rest of your comments. Underprivilliaged my a…”
    what r u talking about?
    gotta run…

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