St. David’s transportation improvements

While it is nice that the PLP have pledged to introduce dedicated mini-bus service to St. David’s, this service should have been an obvious inclusion in the introduction of the St. David’s ferry stop. 

The lack of details in terms of price, availability and accessibility leaves much to be desired because who knows what a dedicated mini-bus really means.   Indeed, mini-buses are already available in St. David’s, the real issue is that they are cost prohibitive.  Who wants to spend $4 to ride a minibus on top of the regular bus and ferry fares?

The lack of basic improvements to the overall transport situation for St. David’s when combined with the lack of updates on the government web site with regards to improvements still leaves a great deal to be desired.  Should the PLP be gunning for support from neglected St. David’s islanders, they’re going to have to do a fair bit better than last minute promises.



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7 thoughts on “St. David’s transportation improvements

  1. Denis
    The PLP’s recent flurry of (post UBP media) activity is a second rate attempt at trying to garner support it what are likely going to be key battleground constituencies.
    The government of the day has had nine years to do something constructive for the people of the east end but to date all they’ve received are hollow and shallow promises regarding Club Med, a crumbling police station and causeway bridge (which the U.S. provided funds to repair but these were instead squandered on the PLP’ elite and their pet projects) and poor public transportation.
    To think that a former Premier is a sitting MP for that area and seemingly takes such little interest in her constituents is completely unacceptable.

  2. 32n64w,
    These are all issues I’d like to be able to write about in greater detail but unfortunately given the heavy time requirements regiment has been imposing in the last couple months and the coming months, my ability to comment as often and with the same level of quality as I like has been limited.

  3. Did any else notice the two political ads from that other party on friday evening between 7pm and 7.10pm
    both of 5 minuetes each.
    the first was the east end and the second add of 5 mins was of warwick.
    The place where when the plp was asking about voting they apparently were told to stick there vote in the tunnel.And on a turn of a dime the property at morgans point became available for the hotel.And today
    the un-elected premier E_WART brown,comented that the govt would pick up the 25million to clean up the site.
    He is going to pick it up on your behalf,you going to pay.That is you,and you wonder why it is so exspensive in bermuda to live with the taxition that we have.
    $900,000,000.00 collected onbehalf of 32,500 working people.And cant account for it??????
    sea ya

  4. Ewart is sitting on a nest of scorpions,waiting to stab him in the back as he has done to Jennifer and “P”.
    The staged sound bytes, and personality cult ‘group-think’ that attempts to con disaffected supporters to blindly follow “El Comandante”, plus sending out front “Man” in the form of a smirking handbag burch,is going to backfire on them big time.

  5. I cannot imagine Ewart as leader of the Oppostion. When the PLP lose on Dec 18th he will resign anyway. I doubt his ego could take the back seat of oppostion.

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