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Having wondered this morning whether the causeway would be closed due to high winds, I took the rare opportunity to flip on my radio and listen to the morning news on Mix 106.

Businessman and longtime PLP supporter Harold Darrell steps forward publically for the first time to proclaim that he leaked the BHC report.  Suggesting further allegations include money laundering and drug trafficking and that the people have the right to know who they’re voting for in the next election.

Premier Brown calls out to fellow PLP parliamentarians asking that they wait until after the next election before mounting a leadership challenge.

Premier Brown calls out to the newspapers telling them to go ahead and publish the entire report as he “never had anything to hide anyway.”

Gerald Simons of Argus speaks out against proposed workforce equity bill.

As mentioned before, this is getting very interesting.

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37 thoughts on “This morning’s top stories

  1. Harold Darrell should be awarded the Community Patriot Award
    He says the public needs to know the details of the corruption,
    theft,drug laundering schemes,Cuban connection
    and homosexuality contained in the BHC report

  2. …and will continue to get more interesting.
    I think that Mr. Darrell is a true patriot in Bermuda. He focused on what was right regardless of politics, party, or race. He did what a lot of people wouldn’t—step forward to do the right thing. And he did so at the risk of his reputation, standing in his party, and (as reported) his life. Talk about testicular fortitude. To me, the fact he would risk so much to do what he thought was right shows a true love of Bermuda and a commitment to forging a positive future. He has earned my respect and is the kind of person the both parties need to get my vote. For his honesty, integrity, and bravery I submit that he should be honored at the next National Heroes Day.
    As for EB, I doubt anyone beyond Vanz & Co. will be fooled by his “I have nothing to hide” tagline. If that were true, what the hell has he been doing all this time? What he fails to mention, and the media has surprisingly failed to report, is that his personal libel suit has a hearing (next Tuesday I believe) where EB is seeking an injunction against further reporting on the BHC file. Until that is resolved no one can realistically print anything. Yet another unscrupulous ploy by the Premier…

  3. everyone knows that harold darrell has an axe to grind w/ dr. brown – and was a UBP supporter for most of his life b4 switching parties – what’s next, accusations of virgin sacrfices?

  4. Perhaps now Laverne Furbert, et al will cease and desist from proclaiming the person who leaked the documents to the media was a UBP insider … even though she has known from the beginning (as well as most curious Bermudians with a vested interest in our current & future political landscape) that the ‘Son of the Soil’ was a long time PLP supporter who has understandably become totally and completely disenfranchised with the myopic, self-serving direction her party’s leadership hierarchy has repeatedly and unfortunately taken since coming into power.
    It is in fact rumored that both of the people who are currently on police bail in conjunction with the investigation over leaked documents were PLP members.
    Hopefully this (and likely further disclosures of alleged wrongdoing and unethical behavior) will serve as a wake up call for Bermuda’s middle of the road swing voters (who effectively elected the PLP in 2003) to seriously reconsider their previous voting decision when we next go to the polling booth and instead support a party with a clear agenda for change and a willingness to unite Bermudians … all Bermudians … regardless of race, social and/or economic position.

  5. as a private citizen, how did harold darrell get the documents to leak? is there some illegality in how police files found their way into his hands?

  6. “Bermuda’s middle of the road swing voters (who effectively elected the PLP in 2003) to seriously reconsider their previous voting decision when we next go to the polling booth and instead support a party with a clear agenda for change and a willingness to unite Bermudians”
    this statement is false and funny – harold darrell’s anti plp rants will change as many blk voters minds as jahmal simmons, max burgess and gwyn rawlins anti ubp rants changed white voters minds – get real.
    what the haterz fail to realize that the more dr. brown and the plp are crucified – the more galvanized their support is – if it can happen to brown – it can happen to all of us – the only hope is make sure that the old white families like gibbons, dunkley, barritt no longer try and rule bda for their own gain.
    blk bda knows persecution on a personal level – so rather than be repelled by the attacks on the plp and dr. brown – they are angered and strengthened – in the end these attacks will actually help make brown’s 30 seats a reality.

  7. Oh, but Jamahl Simmons, who has burned bridges with every party he’s ever been in, is credible?
    I would think Mr. Darrell undoubtedly has an axe to grind with EB, hmmm, probably because of what he knew about the BHC. Great deduction.
    Unlike Jamahl, who has only his word, Mr. Darrell produced documentary support. Unless you are willing to strain the bounds of reality even beyond your normal limits and suggest Mr. Darrell somehow fabricated the underlying evidence and manipulated the US, UK and BDA governments into creating the files, what is your point?
    Keep trying to kill the messenger, but it will do you no good. What a joke.

  8. Fanaticism
    n. Fanatical character, spirit, or conduct.
    n. Excessive, irrational zeal.
    n. Excessive intolerance of opposing views
    n. (Too) great enthusiasm, especially about religion
    n. Fanatic outlook or behavior especially as exhibited by excessive enthusiasm, unreasoning zeal, or wild and extravagant notions on some subject

  9. is maxwell not credible either – or gwyn – as far as the fan bit (so funny) that also applies to u.
    years ago when i saw farenheit 9/11 – i walked out of the theatre thinking that bush was toast – he’d never get re-elected after seeing all of the crazy thing she’d done – guess what he did.
    when people were coming out of the woodwork in the mid 90s accusing clinton of all sorts of crazy shit i thought – no way he’ll get relelected – guess what he did.
    there is no way that the ubp gets into power again in ur lifetime – get used 2 it.
    and pls ask around about what a “nut” harold (i’m suing the bank over racism for 20 years) darrell is

  10. Vanz….take a pill man….jeese…….I am not all up tight with this why are you? If any criminality has taken place, the system will deal with it.If not, then Quo fata Furunt.
    What always amazes me about your comments is the fact that you offer one side and it scares me.

  11. Typical and anticipated PLP spin from both Vanz and Laverne (over at the Sun).
    1) Shoot the messenger … ignore the message.
    2) Misdirect the discussion to something completely irrelevant, unrelated and nonsensical.
    3) Immediately characterise any criticism as a black / white thing.
    Vanz, et al, are unable to engage in a reasonable exchange because, as silencedogood pointed out above, their Fanaticism has gotten the best of them.
    Quite unfortunate really that all that energy couldn’t be focused on something more productive … like uniting Bermuda rather than dividing.

  12. I agree Mr Darrell is a National Hero…the fact remains that whether convicted or not, once elected a a representative of Bda one must act in an ethical manner!!! and any unethical behaviour that they may in the smallest way be a part of should be grounds for immediate dismissal….As for the UBP I truly believe that they have learned from past mistakes and until we learn to focus on the future and not the past…yes learn from it but move ahead…then we will continue to run around in these circles … getting nowhere fast.
    We will never get past the existence of hatred and intolerance for other races if we have people like Laverne, and son being allowed to spread and voice their hatred of other races….
    I may not always agree with what others say but I respect their opinions….maybe that was a lesson that LaVerne never learned as a child so she could not pass it on….RESPECT for others…..maybe they should return to Nursery school!!!

  13. Ok Vanz … how about a challenge?
    If you are so sure the PLP will increase their current representation in the House why don’t you promise to engage in reasonable dialogue should the UBP end up exceeding their current allotment?
    By reasonable I mean ACTUALLY provide facts and figures to support your suppositions versus the pure over the top hyperbole we’ve been subjeted to presented thus far?
    Deal (or more appropriately given your current geographical position) … Game on?

  14. deal – just so you know – my issues re; race have to do with bda specifically – bill clinton is my favourite politician of all time – blk or white – i have canvassed door to door for white candidates here in toronto (Carolyn Bennet, LIB) – but many white bdans have nasty streak of persistent racism to them – john barritt even admitted that when he went to school in canada he had blk friends but when he got back to bda that wasn’t the case (i’ll post the email if you want) – i’ve said b4 that bda would be an even more amazing country if the likes of grant gibbons and arthur hodgson (a rhodes scolar and an ivy leaguer) could work together – but as the john swan, cv, edness era taught us – much of white bda has no real interest in sharing the wealth – why do u think that teh ubp has goen from having such quality blk candidates like john swan and dr. clarence james to the likes of shawn crockwell and tilman darrell.
    i’ve also said b4 that there are some smart people in the ubp who could make up the genesis of a good party but as long as they cling to the karmically challenged carcass of a dead and gone racist era (the UBP) then tehy will just lose and lose again – start a new party free from the racist dna of the henry tuckers and ss toddings and you will see that race will become less of an issue – it’s sad but when the UBP of yesteryear scared o f whites from joining the plp they made politics on this island about race not ideas – and we’re still paying fo that 2day.

  15. “agree Mr Darrell is a National Hero” i’m not being coy here – but who is mr. darrell – is it this nutty guy:
    From The Royal Gazette
    July 19, 2002
    Dear Sir,
    In an opinion column in The Royal Gazette (July 18), Dr. Grant Gibbons discussed a case involving Mr. Harold Darrell. We would like to clarify a suggestion in that article that the Bank of Bermuda would not participate in the Human rights Commission’s original efforts to resolve the matter.
    In fact, the Bank was timely and responsive in its information to the HRC. In our correspondence, we noted that Mr. Darrell had filed his claim four-and-a-half years after the alleged incident, whereas the Human Rights Act stipulates that such claims have to be made within six months. Moreover, Mr. Darrell had already chosen to sue the Bank in the Supreme Court of Bermuda and it was inappropriate for the HRC to run a parallel investigation on a case that was already going to court. In our view, the HRC filing was simply part of Mr. Darrell’s publicised strategy of ‘swarming the Bank’ with complaints.
    As we stated in our correspondence to the HRC, the facts outlined above were clear and indisputable reasons for Mr. Darrell’s claims to be dismissed by the HRC. We then left the HRC to make their decision.
    We firmly believe in the rights to a fair hearing for all parties provided due process is followed, whether in the Courts or through the HRC. The Bank has repeatedly stated that Mr. Darrell’s complaints are groundless, and we are prepared to vigorously defend our position in the Courts.
    General Counsel, Bank of Bermuda

  16. this harold darrell is a national hero?
    From The Royal Gazette
    July 9, 2007
    MR. Harold Darrell has many flights of fantasy and he has engaged in misrepresentation of fact to such an extent over the last few years he is now convinced of the truth of his statements. With regard to the specific comments attributed to him about me and my company (Bermuda Airport Advertising) (Mid-Ocean News, July 6) in your front page story, a few easily verifiable facts should be shared with your readership.
    First, in 2000 there was an Department of Airport Operations RFP issued seeking an advertising company for the airport. Aardvark had held the contract for the previous years. Only Aardvark and BAA submitted bids.
    Secondly, BAA was awarded the contract. Hardell voiced no objection. BAA sold advertising for the first year using backlight static screens.
    Thirdly, Hardell was seeking to establish a broadcasting service at the airport, using television monitors.
    Fourthly, BAA purchsed plasma screens to sell additional advertising. The installation of these screens led to the claim by Hardell that BAA encroached on its “exclusive” right to use televisions.
    Hardell took out legal action against BAA, the Ministers of Transport and Tourism. The case was thrown out without going to trial as the judge ruled there was no contract in place. Mr Darrell believes, wrongly, if he says something often enough and with sufficient invective it becomes a matter of fact.
    The reality is the truth often complicates matters for Harold Darrell and he wants little of it.

  17. This national hero sounds a bit didgy:
    The Royal Gazette
    Published: July 6. 2007 12:00AM
    THE businessman at the centre of Bermuda’s biggest discrimination case has spoken of his seven-year ordeal for the first time.And entrepreneur Harold Darrell claims the reason his complaint to the Human Rights Commission against the Bank of Bermuda is still dragging on is because Government plotted with bank officials to stonewall the process and put him out of business.
    wow – the bank is out to get him as well – poor guy

  18. since when does the UBP go out on a limb for a member of the PLP as Mr. Darrell says he is…
    From The Royal Gazette
    Published: July 18. 2002 12:00AM
    Does fairness still exist in the New Bermuda?
    ….the moral to this story is obvious to anyone who supports fairness and civil rights. Mr. Darrell had the resources at his disposal to pursue justice, but justice must be available to all, not just to those who can pay for it. Our Constitution guarantees justice to everyone in our community, regardless of station in life, skin colour, gender, religious or political affiliation. When the UBP forms the next Government, we will ensure that the human rights legislation we originally wrote is upheld absolutely and without prejudice.

  19. I have made an observation , vanz is just like his MOMA!
    Just for the record, the head of the BANK of BERMUDA……….Phil Butterfield brother of E-WART Brown , the un-elected premier of Bermuda.

  20. harry – u r right – a son is like a mother in some ways – u should win the nobel prize in genetics having discovered that unique connection.
    and do u think that a global corp. like the bank of bda is somehow singularly run by phil butterfield – so it’s a bit of a stretch even for a crimson necked nutcase like urself to try to piece together a conspiracy theory where 2 blk men are using bermuda’s oldest bank to some how destroy a “longtime plp supporter”.
    this rationality sounds a bit like how southern law officials would would sum up fatal gun shot wounds to the back of an unarmed negroe’s head as self inlicted.
    it’s always a blk man’s fault right “harry”
    keep that cross burning deep inside ur soul…

  21. Vanz, why do you always, always try and shoot the messenger? I personally have no idea as to the validity of Mr. Darrell’s case against the Bank of Bermuda or his travails in bidding for contracts at the airport. None of that has any relevance to the fact that it is the contents of the a police investigation file which has highlighted the sad lack of ethics on the part of senior PLP government officials. Mr. Darrell has put this in the public forum. None of your personal rants against him matter. He is merely the messenger. He has stated that his reasons for doing so are to ensure that people know, when they enter the polling booth, the type of person they are voting for, That’s all. If they still want to vote PLP then so be it. God help Bermuda.

  22. 1st off – several posters on this site trumpeted this man as a hero – all i did was put some perspective to who he is – and not from hearsay – but verbatim from the royal gazette – how is that shooting the messenger – all i did was copy what the RG has printed about the guy.

  23. 2ndly – do u know that in rape cases that judges often rule against the defense using the victims past sexual history because it unfairly affects the jury – but sneaky defense attorneys (see Kobe Bryant in Colorado) will leak the victims sexual past to the press in order to get their clients off.
    the fact that an enemy of the PLP was illegally given police files that he then illegally leaked to the press is a travesty.
    what if sealed divorce proceedings that included accusations and hearsay where illegally given to a third party and that third party leaked it to the press – it would be a travesty – it’s so assinine that dr. brown’s enemies are so out to get him that they trample real laws to prove that he “broke non existent laws – lolol

  24. “it’s so assinine that dr. brown’s enemies are so out to get him that they trample real laws to prove that he “broke non existent laws – lolol”
    not according to the privy Council, but heh, what do they know?

  25. u r smarter than that – the privy council did not rule that it was legal or okay to leak stolen files – they simply agreed with (as they almost always do) with the local courts – if the local courts had agreed with the gag order so would the privy council – so don’t get it twisted –

  26. Vanz, I think that it is you who is getting the point twisted. Had these been files relating to a regular old member of the tax paying public I have not doubt that the initial court application would have ruled that the information was private and, while it had been stolen/leaked from police control, the media would absolutely have been gagged. In this case, and it has been made clear by the courts here and the Privy Council, that as this leaked information concerned the unethical behaviour of publicly elected officials the public were entitled to know the contents and make their own judgment. In this case the courts have clearly ruled that the people have a right to know. You and your momma seem unconcerned that your government officials have been caught with their hands in the til. Why is that?

  27. i found this on the web…
    Double Talk & Double Standards.
    And it begins….
    Within hours of the election writ being dropped the UBP kicks things off with another of their website hit pieces, this one called “Bermuda Deserves Better’” – more like Dunkley deserves more power.
    You don’t need to read more than the first paragraph to see the tone of campaign that the UBP intend to run:
    The Brown Government has:
    # Failed to build affordable housing
    # Failed to educate our children
    # Failed to care for our seniors; and
    # Failed to protect people from crime
    all of it untrue, lies.
    Ok, let’s dismiss the beginner levels.
    Firstly, common decency demands that you don’t attack someone personally with utter lies. Let’s at least have the maturity and guts to give the PLP credit where credit is due in these areas. To do otherwise is cowardly.
    Secondly, by Dunkley criticising someone of gutter politics, while resorting to gutter politics in the same breath doesn’t really seize the high ground does it?
    Thirdly, we might recall that not long ago, Dunkley was delivering a speech using illegally stolen police documents. That would be both immoral and unethical. name calling.
    The UBP hypocrisy is simply astounding. Not only are they guilty of Double talk, but of double standards as well.
    IThe UBP website then goes on several of the usual rants about the PLP.
    Dunkley has repeatedly run a dirty campaign of lies and hysteria, but the PLP have stayed very measured through it all. The hysteria and low blows has been entirely from the UBP camp, culminating in the disgraceful use of the pro UBP media for vicious personal attacks and character assassination.
    There have been some big lies coming out from the UBP lately, but particularly in the wake of the stolen Police files. Namely that the files were not stolen.
    This is only going to get worse though as the 7 week campaign progresses. In fact, the black UBPers have been pretty wound up since Dunkley stabbed Wayne Furbert in the back and took over, and the problem is that you can’t keep escalating this kind of backstabbing without completely losing credibility.
    Now on to what this is really about: “Dunkley can’t be trusted.”
    The UBP are aware that the public (and apparently many in the party) have trust issues about Dunkley because he stabbed his so called friend Wayne Furbert in the back to steal the leadership of the soon to be defunct UBP, so they’re trying to create some false doubt about the PLP.
    Despite Dunkley’s flights of fancy, this isn’t a Presidential election. The hysteria, lies and politics of personal destruction are what Dunkley and his inner circle tried to achieve with the stolen Police files.
    These are only the earliest days of this campaign. That kind of start on the UBP’s website doesn’t bode well.
    The PLP should stay above the fray and not take the bait. The UBP want a drag down knock down nasty fight, but they want to transfer their tactics onto the other side.
    If they start this way, imagine how Dunkley’ll have to finish?

  28. Vanz,
    Do you really feel it is necessary to hijack most of my posts with this “is Brown better/worse than Dunkley” debate?
    No doubt, if people want to debate it with you then you could start up a blog of your own and people would come. I’ll even write about it and add the link to my sidebar.
    However, I think you and I both know that people don’t want to have that debate with you.
    “Gutter politics” is “vote yourself back onto the plantation”, not debating issues.
    The only problem I see with Dunkley’s statements above is that he speaks in absolutes. If he rephrased it such as:
    # Failed to build enough affordable housing
    # Failed to educate enough of our children
    # Failed to care for enough of our seniors; and
    # Failed to protect enough of our people from crime
    By adding the word “enough” to each statement it becomes wholly valid as many view the PLP as having failed on each of the 4 above points. Have they built affordable housing? Educated children? Cared for seniors and protected people from crime? Yes, of course they have. But have they done it for enough people? Unfortuantely many hold the view that they have not.
    Going off on a tangent about the UBP bid for leadership doesn’t help support your case either.
    The UBP MPs voted to change leadership and Wayne stepped down honourably.
    That sounds quite a bit like how Ewart Brown got leadership as well. So how can you call it back stabbing?
    If anything, we might as well bring up the proceedings of the last election where a certain PLP leader actually was stabbed in the back and the majority of the public misled under the efforts of a small dissent group lead by our present Premier.
    So, if you condone that, how can you condemn what the UBP has done?

  29. 1st dennis – that was actually an almost verbatim reposting of a dunleavy post – i just switched the parties to see how peopel would react.
    2nd – u don’t really think that wayne stepped down willingly u do u – did u read how he called out his party for not backing him up even over his lawsuit?
    u know what dennis – i like u and i like this site – but the truth is that a chunk of plp supporters are not interested in cyber politics probably because the racial make up in bda makes it more comfortable for plp supporters to express themselves more openly – unlike many UBP/anti plp supporters feel more comfortable by expressing their views incognito and on sites like urs.
    all this to say that 99.9% of your regular readers and posters are anti plp/pro ubp – so i have to take up the slack.
    and if u don’t mind me asking – r u blk, white or multiracial?

  30. I don’t think Mr. Darrell’s motivation should even be a consideration. Even if the only reason he dug up the investigation and made it public was to embarass a personal rival, it is the content of the materials gathered during the investigation that is relevant.
    The argument, when broken down into a simple premise and conclusion, is “If the allegations in the BHC investigation are true, then the politicians involved should not be trusted for public service.”
    Stop attacking the messenger and the motivation and start attacking the argument.

  31. again – unless the governor, chief of police, the DPP etc. are all committed to protecting dr. brown for some reason we don’t know about – then if their was any merit to the “accusations” then the case would’ve been sent to the courts instead of being thrown out – so why r we to believe a nut with a personal vendetta over the governor, police chief, dpp etc?
    homosexuality, drug dealing, x ray machines – it all sounds ridiculous – and i guess when the PLP win the elction i guess we can also say that the tens of thousands who vote for the PLP are in on the scam as well.
    it’s an old story drew, blk men who stand up to the power structure of a racist society will try to be destroyed – read ur history;
    rev. monk – 1902, the garveyites in the 20s, dr. gordon in the 50s, ottie in the 70s, dame evans in the 80s and the beat goes on – dame evans was even accused of being a communist – the worst thing u could be back then – today they accuse brown of corruption – all this while the UBP deputy leader is arrested for money laundering and the UBP leaders business place is importing drugs – get a clue, “drew”.

  32. Vanz,
    1. Great, but thats a dunleavy post and not a Pitcher post, so why are you having the discussion on a Pitcher blog?
    If you want to debate Dunleavy’s posts than create your own blog and use trackbacks to his posts.
    2. No doubt Wayne Furbert would have liked to have stayed in leadership. Did Alex Scott step down willingly when he allegedly sped off in GP1 the night of the delegates conference? Wayne Furbert resigned and has remained a party member and continues to serve in Michael Dunkley’s shadow cabinet. That suggests he was willing to put the interests of the party before his own and thus willingly stepped down.
    3. ” the truth is that a chunk of plp supporters are not interested in cyber politics probably because the racial make up in bda makes it more comfortable for plp supporters to express themselves more openly – unlike many UBP/anti plp supporters feel more comfortable by expressing their views incognito and on sites like urs.”
    You’ve hit the nail on the head here. For all the “freedom of speech since 1998” that is touted by PLP supporters, the reality is that it is only PLP-positive freedom of speech replacing UBP-positive.
    Many people fear retribution from speaking out publicly in disagreement with the PLP. Even I wonder when the day will come that I’m stalked, have protestors outside my job, get mugged, assaulted, shot or murdered for questioning our leadership.
    What you don’t see is that the PLP have made many of the white community fearful of saying anything. They have made them feel like second class citizens, like they don’t have a right to live on the island that is just as rightfully theirs. Like they’re to blame for every transgretion made in history even if they’re poor and have nothing to show for how they’ve benefitted by being white.
    Don’t you think there is something wrong with that? It isn’t unity. It’s replacing white bigotry with black bigotry and will guarantee that our island’s communities remain divided.
    3. “all this to say that 99.9% of your regular readers and posters are anti plp/pro ubp – so i have to take up the slack.”
    I highly contest this. Far too often you display the view that anyone who criticises the present government is instantly pro-UBP. This is completely incorrect. No doubt I have pro-ubp readers just as I have pro-plp readers.
    However, I contest that the majority of my readers simply care about Bermuda and the real issues. They don’t suffer from a “team mentality” where they have to support their team at all costs.
    4. “and if u don’t mind me asking – r u blk, white or multiracial?”
    Explain to me why it should even matter?
    If I tell you I’m black, should that mean I’m betraying my race by not blindly supporting the PLP without question?
    If I tell you I’m white, should that mean that I’m a chauvinistic bigot because I don’t support the PLP in order to make up for the racially based trangressions of whites throughout history which may well have nothing to do with me?
    How about if I’m a mixed of black and white heritage? What then? Should I choose sides and betray half my blood?
    What if I’m of true mixed racial heritage. African, European, Native American and Asian? What then? Who do I ally with?
    We need to stop dividing lines between people so we can point out differences and start getting people to focus on the core issues that will matter for the betterment of our future.

  33. dennis – i agree with almost all that u said – but this bit is off “Many people fear retribution from speaking out publicly in disagreement with the PLP. Even I wonder when the day will come that I’m stalked, have protestors outside my job, get mugged, assaulted, shot or murdered for questioning our leadership.”
    the plp has not and does not wrk that way – that’s the UBP way and u know that –
    as far as white fear in bda – i don’t know what the answer is – i do know that living in a fairly multicultural city like toronto has made me realize that white bda has historically chosen not to interact w/ blk bda and thus blk bda reacted the same.
    even now when blks claim racism – whites deny it – which blks take as a slap in the face – until white bda produces it’s version of a bill clinton or jfk or even bloomberg -a white politician who truly wants to bridge the racial divide (and trust me it;’s not dunkley or gibbons or any of that lot) then bda will get worse racially – blk bda has put up a john swan, cv woolridge, edness etc – blk men who took flak from their own by joining the “white” party” to try and bridge the divide – my question is where is the white john swan?
    and the racial question is just curiousity – that’s all.

  34. The PLP may not work that way, but some of their supporters do.
    As for white Bermuda not interacting with black Bermuda, I think it goes both ways.
    I’ve seen instances where whites were made to feel unwelcome at black events.
    There is no doubt that blacks experience the same, but to paint it as one sided doesn’t truly do the issue justice.
    The reality is that our people are divided.
    I don’t think white Bermuda needs to produce it’s version of bill clinton.
    What we need is a leader who is truly interested in putting blame aside and working to achieve unity amongst all Bermudians that serves the interests of all Bermudians.
    Future and forward thinking. Though I don’t mean sweeping past historical injustices under the carpet either.

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