Who’s viewing from China?

Sometimes the power and reach of the internet can be underestimated.  Most recently this blog has received visitors from China.  What does that mean?  Could it be tied to our Premier’s recent attendance at the World Tourism Marketing Summit in Beijing?  Could people in China be wondering about Bermuda and using blogs as a means of learning more?  What does that say about the power of blogging?

It isn’t unusual to notice individuals who view this blog from places all over the world so when Beijing China popped up in the results of a recent survey, the implications of it didn’t click.  It was only when someone in the comments mentioned that it could be Premier Brown himself that I began to wonder  as to who it could be.

It would not be incredibly surprising to know that Premier Brown or one of his entourage views and reads this blog.  Frankly, it would be encouraging to know if they did as it would mean that the ideas and opinions shared here are being heard and hopefully considered, which is a large reason this blog exists. 

The other thought however, is that the profile of at least one visitor doesn’t match your typical Bermudian. The most recent user happened to be connecting via a Windows Media Center PC with a Switzerland French language setting on their browser.  Interestingly, at least 3 of the convention’s speakers are from Switzerland.  The visitor first visited politics.bm before reaching my site, then went on to view my section on Tourism and Hospitality.  Interesting stuff.

Either Premier Brown likes to keep tabs on my writing even from the other side of the world or his attendance at the recent Tourism Summit has sparked further interest in Bermudian tourism.  Both potential reasons have interesting implications for the impact this blog can have and solidifies how incredible the power and reach of the internet can be.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s viewing from China?

  1. Your problem Mr. Pitcher is you have too mcuh pink. Focus on other things. As you know, this is not a dress rehersal. Then again, the players are he same.
    Um woyten four yoo………

  2. I doubt Dr. Brown is the kind of guy to submit himself to reading directly – it’s probably one of his media relations team.
    I have also had unusual hits from China on NewOnion.com

  3. You can be sure it was no citizen,they cannot get past the Great Firewall of China.
    E-Rat’s getting pointers from the Maoists,to create the new PLP Ministry of Information and Propaganda,on how to ban “subversive” blogs like yours .
    China’s one of many repressive regimes with Internet Restrictions,along with Cuba,N Korea,and soon Chavez’s “new Venezuela”

  4. Flip, that’s alot of information you got there bye! Can you see who is wearing lady’s underpants as well? 😉

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