Someone explain this one.  One week the UBP is signing a code of conduct with the intent to make the coming election about issues and not personal attacks.  The next, they’re preparing to launch a satire based YouTube video to make fun of the Premier.  Don’t they know a joke isn’t funny if you try to convince people how funny it is before you tell it?  Perhaps the UBP will be smart about it and pretend like the video never existed in the first place.

Apparently whoever’s running the UBP election campaign missed two critical rules. 

One, if you say you’re not going to make it personal:

4) Avoid using language, in word or in text, that is defamatory or inflammatory, or that threatens or incites violence against any other person or group of persons.

Then you announce you’re going to make it personal, it makes you look dumb.  That is unless making fun of someone isn’t defamatory but that’ll no doubt be up for debate amongst the people when the actual video is released.

Two, it’s common knowledge that telling people how funny a joke is going to be before you tell it will make people defensive and render the joke much less funny.

4. Do not tell everyone how funny your joke is beforehand. You’ll make your audience defensive and your laughs smaller.

What have we learned?  First, don’t contradict yourself by saying you’re going to focus on the issues and then deviate from that plan.  Second, don’t ruin the joke by describing how funny it is before you tell it.   Perhaps, the UBP’s real joke will be to pull a PLP and claim the meeting notes video never existed and that the media is out to get them.  

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3 thoughts on “YouBoob

  1. Agree. Who does this? It’s worse than the magician telling you he’s gonna pull the rabbit out of his hat then shows you the trap door, secret compartment and little bunny inside.
    And yes, it’s silly of the UBP to be promising an above-board campaign and then depict something that makes fun of the Premier, even if it’s satirical. Why aren’t they focusing on their platform and issues?

  2. I really expected better from the UBP, but they simply have show they are not better than what them other lot are up too.
    Time for a new party – with, hopefully, the youth leading, cuz them ole byes, my age, have lost it.

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