A quick review of UBP Tech

The UBP has proposed a number of initiatives with regards to Telecommunications and e-Commerce.

Bolster information technology training and education in our schools

Good, but I’d like to see great use of technology potentially through pilot programs of online tutoringone laptop per child and game consoles as interactive teaching tools.

Develop an overall plan with the inclusion of a national Bermuda hotspot, which will provide free public Internet in public parks and playgrounds.

A national Bermuda hotspot is interesting, though island wide wi-fi should have been an initiative undertaken 2-3 years ago and is a bit late now.  As for providing “hotspots” (free public Internet) in public parks and playgrounds the value is questionable considering that most digital devices have poor visibility in sunlight.

A better alternative would be to launch island wide WiMax or HSDPA high speed, long distance, network connectivity while providing localized wi-fi in specific areas around the island, especially on ferries to encourage more individuals to choose to commute via ferry rather than via car or bike?

Develop a fully functioning technology park and IT economic zone at Southside

What is this tech park supposed to achieve exactly?  This isn’t exactly clear with the one line mention.  Bermuda is unfortunately a pricey destination with regards to e-commerce viability, however I have always thought we could be heavily pursing the online gaming markets as our niche (video games, not gambling) due to our natural tax advantages.

Regulate service standards and enforce consequences for poor service

If this means number portability then hallelujah.  Poor service is encouraged because customers who choose to take their business elsewhere lose their phone number, thus customers are discouraged to switch and thus competition between providers is hindered.  Shaking things up by changing this would make a great deal of difference though it is doubtful that this is the intention of the above.

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