In honour of the PLP’s dirty tactics as outlined over at Vexed Bermoothes, please join me in a PLP click-a-thon.

What’s a ‘click-a-thon’ you ask?   A click-a-thon is when you reward dirty google-ad based tactics with as many clicks as possible to either rack up the charges to whoever paid for the ad or force it to meet it’s daily maximum and no longer appear.

For example, should you enter “Michael Dunkley” into google and see the following ad:


Abusive ads

Click on it as many times as you can!


Should you enter “UBP” into google and see this ad:

Overwhelmingly white UBP

Click on it as many times as you can!

Make sure you show the PLP how supportive you are of their campaigning methods by giving them as many ad-charged clicks as possible. 



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12 thoughts on “Click-a-thon

  1. I am in the process of making sure they ‘Feel the Love’. However the ironic part is that, as taxpayers, we are probably paying for these ‘Sponsored’ ads. We already have seen many examples of taxpayers’ money being used for party-related activities/expenses.

  2. The ads don’t seem to be there anymore. Perhaps they realised how shameful it was and removed them. Or maybe they became fearful reading the blogosphere. Or are the ads filtered by IP and country?

  3. Vanz,
    It’s a reverse boycott of dirty tactics perpetrated by someone, whether they’re the PLP directly, a PLP supporter or the UBP being incredibly sneaky.
    None the less, it’s still a dirty tactic that deserves the might of the blogosphere to come down upon it.
    If the advertisements were lauding the PLP’s accomplishments then there wouldn’t be a need, but “Michael Dunkley is out to get you” and “The overwhelmingly white UBP scares me” are incredibly low tactics.

  4. I’ll add that if there were correspondingly similarly dirty ads put up when you searched PLP, I’d encourage users to launch a click-a-thon against them as well.
    But what do you see when you enter PLP into google?
    Progressive Labour Party Moving Bermuda Forward Making Progress for People
    How about “Ewart Brown”?
    Committed to Progress
    Ewart Brown. An Effective Leader
    That Moves Bermuda Forward.

  5. umm… with google ads i thought it was only the first click that counted from one ip?
    in the event that i am wrong (likely) i’ll keep clicking!

  6. “wow – dp – u really r str8 UBP huh? that’s too bad – figured u as smarter than the average bdan – guess not
    Posted by: vanz | December 04, 2007 at 02:52 PM ”
    Vanz the typical PLP guilt trip is not going to work on Denis. He actually has a brain on his shoulders and is prepared to think for himself. If only Bermuda were so lucky to have more youth like him we would all be better off.
    Keep up the good work Denis.

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