Condemning threats

The recent announcement of an alleged bullet and threatening letter sent to Premier Brown is a disappointing and concerning turn of events.  Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with how Premier Brown runs this country, he still deserves the respect as the leader of this country and any such threats should be condemned.

A bullet is a severe threat that should be taken seriously as anyone familiar with gun laws in Bermuda (ie, you were or are conscripted), you’ll know how guns are strictly controlled and access to bullets are extremely locked down.  The mailing of a bullet itself is an extreme message likely sent to suggest that access to smuggled guns and ammunition are readily available.  At which, where I once held the position that the Premier does not need a police officer for security, due to this recent threat I can now admit that the measure is now necessary and garners my support.

The sheer fact that this has occurred is a very sad indication of the state of division within our society.  Hopefully this will not trigger further division and those involved recognize that disagreements with the leaders of this country should be solved through traditional democratic processes, not extreme threats.  Extreme measures do nothing to ensure the success of democracy in our country and only ensure anarchy which assists no one.



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6 thoughts on “Condemning threats

  1. That is, if it is a real threat. It seems very timely, and rather strange that the bullet was mailed at this time, not to mention that Colonel Burch immediately called a press conference about it. Something just seems a little suspicious.

  2. This is not the first time a bullet has been mailed to a PLP leader – it happened to Dame Lois. it also happened to Ottiwell simmons. and Kingsley Tweed. Mr Tweed was so fearful for his life that he left Bermuda never to return until the 2003 election. I dont think many people believe that there is an imminent threat to Dr Brown’s life, but this is intended to be symbolic. However it could in fact be a legitimate threat. A friend of mine’s coworker said “Good – should have been a gun in there with the bullet”. That is the mentality that is out there. Better to be safe than sorry, because God forbid something was to happen to either Dr. Brown or Michael Dunkley, this island would be in an uproar.

  3. I think the whole thing is crazy. Legitimate or not we are stooping lower and lower. Unfortunately the timing of it, and the ‘symbolism’ of it, makes me suspicious.

  4. I honestly think if someone was to actually shoot and hurt the Premier, some of you would continue to think it is a ‘publicity stunt’. Even if he was killed, would you still think that?

  5. Ken,
    I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who condones shameful threats such as this.
    That said, the suspicions regarding who really sent the bullet arise for two reasons. First is that the PLP tried to politicize this by jumping to the conclusion it is a UBP supporter. In point of fact, we don’t know who it is and, as Limey points out on his site, it could just as easily be a disgruntled PLP supporter. The same jump to conclusions was made regarding the BHC documents and was proved wrong.
    Second, people don’t trust the PLP. They have shown a tendency to jump to conclusions, spin, and outright lie. This campaign has seen them make some pretty outrageous attacks as well.
    This is all speculation and people should reserve judgment, except to condemn the threat, but just as I’m sure you’d expect the UBP and its supporters to understand that some people truly believe a vote for them is a vote against civil rights, you have to understand that, in the context above, some people believe there are no depths the PLP will not sink to in order to save their political skins at this election.

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