Height of the election

It’s the height of the election, the papers are abuzz with platform announcements and what are the best and brightest of the PLP’s youth wing busy analyzing and evaluating? 

Well, if you thought the issues, or the flaws in the UBP’s platform, you’d be slightly off base.  Instead, they’re busy detecting flaws in the blackness of UBP rallies.

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1 thought on “Height of the election

  1. 6 of the past 7 new blog posts by Prog Minds are a slam of the Opposition Leader and or the UBP. Ok. We get it. You think Dunkley’s wrong for Bermuda. But come on, the manifestos have been released, surely there are more important and relevant topics to discuss?
    If it wasn’t for the solid Catch A Fire blog, the number of useful online discussions on campaign issues from PLP supporters would be virtually nil at this time.

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