Solar powered road studs



Gizmag has a great article outlining the launch of new solar powered road studs that use Light Emitting Diodes and stored solar power to provide a 10-fold improvement in visibility.

Offering considerable improvements in visibility over traditional reflective road studs, these would likely be a great addition for Bermuda’s dark and winding roads to help improve safety and hopefully prevent late night accidents.

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2 thoughts on “Solar powered road studs

  1. Hey bie, we got ’em already. That is what goes down the causeway so you can see the line at night. Wickit init.

  2. Wave2Wave,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve noted that there are a few along the causeway (though I’d like to see them added to the walls as well) as well as a couple at a zebra crossing in front of the college.
    Glad to see these things being added to our roads. There are a great many dark roads that could benefit from these.

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