Sound Economic Management

While composing an article looking back at highlights from the 1998 PLP platform, it was interesting to come across the section on sound economic management.  Here are a few points that sparked attention


  • Strengthen the Office of the Government Auditor
  • Ensure that public funds are disbursed only when properly authorized and accounted for in accordance with the appropriate Parliamentary processes
  • We will be a facilitator and regulator, who will not compete with private business
  • We will introduce new standards of revenue management and will root out waste and inefficiency.


Highlighted in a nice green box:  “Accountability and Transparency will be the underlying credo for the priorities, principles and policies of a PLP Government”

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7 thoughts on “Sound Economic Management

  1. AKA Santa Clause is comin to town
    Breaking News: PLP release election manifesto
    “Patterns of Progress” which chronicles the accomplishments of nine years of PLP government and lays out its vision for the future.
    The major highlights pledged in the Platform are:
    · Future Care – upgraded Hospital Insurance Plan (HIP) to cover major medical expenses for seniors
    · Child Care – free day care services for Bermudian families
    · Public Transport – free bus and ferry Services
    · Education – free Bermuda College for all Bermudians
    · Housing – 500 interest free down payments for first time Bermudian home owners
    · Environment – Green Paper on energy to reduce Bermuda’s reliance of Fossil fuels
    There were also announcements on hotels with a pledge to increase the number of beds to 10,000 and tax concessions for businesses employing Bermudians.

  2. I agree Denis, it does sound like a lot of “frees”. Any information on how they intend to pay for these ‘free’ services?

  3. I haven’t a clue and am still waiting on the official announcement to know that these are actually what has been proposed in their platform.
    If I were to guess, likely if they cracked down on alleged corruption, increased efficiency, decreased wasteful spending they could easily get it out of the payroll tax surplus that has been created over the last few years.
    Either that or cut their lavish travel budget, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen.

  4. If the above is in fact from their election manifesto, it feels like they are trying to pull a ‘used car salesman’ technique. All I can picture is a commericial with big flashing free signs and a loud obnoxious individual telling me what he thinks I want to hear. Almost like one of those pop-up ads on the net that no one wants to see…

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