No longer accepting applications for senators

When defending the police crackdown on the enforcement of all laws on the radio this morning Senator Burch said:

“You can’t have citizens cherry pick what laws they choose to observe!”

Funny, isn’t that what one needs to do to increase their chances of getting into the senate? I suppose that must mean applications are no longer being accepted.

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4 thoughts on “No longer accepting applications for senators

  1. Touche’. However COl Burch wasnt or isnt the one responsible for appointing Senators. Shouldn’t you hold Col Burch accountable for something he actually has control of? Was there nothing else that he said in his interview last night that you felt was mentionable?

  2. Indeed…. quite so Dennis…..these 2 faced assholes in govt. pick and choose which laws to observe and which laws to break on a daily basis. They choose to dive into grey areas of operations that bring up issues of poor ethics, theres no accountability in the system. No accountability in the so called chain of command, to the point that the Ombudsmans office has no power to bring justice to Citizens who have been delivered poor customer service bye the civil service and govt ministers.
    It would b nice if the govt would follow the laws of the land that it puts inplace instead of aplying the same blind eyes that the col. says the cops have been as far as not enforcing all laws.
    ALL should follow all laws. And this is de problem in de plp, party and govt, many know right from wrong as far as the goings on behind closed doors, many say certain things going on are not right, but the lack the balls and ovaries to stand up and fix these things behind closed doors, and make the power of the party system control the leadership, instead the leadership is controlling the party.
    This govt has comitted a lot of crimes against individual citizens, its unfortunate that they are not able to tell their stories to shame them into correcting these wrongs, especially since there are no official checks and balances to hole govt accountable to the people and the laws of the land and laws of morality.
    But to get back to the main theme of this post….Dill broke braodcast comission laws n gets a reward 4 doin so, many think dis a a great thing, but it has another side…confirming that if u do wrong, good can come out of it. Hence y many 4 out slinging drugs to bring in whatever economic gains they r lookin 4. SO it go.

  3. the smug majority voted themselves into a corrupt dictatorship,as a US /world recession/depression/oil price perfect storm is about to slam this island worse than any hurricane
    so they deserve the licks they asked for

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