Should the UBP disband?

Disbanding the UBP to create a new party would have little impact, however, what of disbanding to yield independent representatives? Would it end this historical battle of Us vs. Them and free our people to focus on real issues? Should the UBP give the PLP what they’ve always wanted and disband for the betterment of Bermuda’s future?

Regardless of any new form the UBP takes, it is likely existing UBP members or those who have ties to the UBP will still be painted with a UBP brush. Just as any new individuals who run as a part of the UBP or as part of a party created out of former UBP members would also be. Thus would creating a new party of any name composed of former UBP members be fruitless?

However, should the UBP split into independents and allow each independent to only represent themselves, vote every vote on conscience and not be required to toe any line; could this make it harder to target the opposition as ‘them’ and open the door to independents in the community who want no ties to either the UBP or PLP and just care about making a difference to step forward with a fighting chance?

Could it also create the ability for PLP dissidents to not have to cross the floor to make a difference? They could instead leave the party, stand as independents and not require allegiances to anyone in order to retain their seat. They could support PLP motions they believe in, and vote against those they don’t. Could such a move even break down the PLP’s party line? Does this contrasts today’s situation where individuals must toe the party line and if they don’t cross the floor they are nearly guaranteed to be marginalized by the UBP/PLP divide and lose their seat. Thus, despite how internally divided the PLP may be, as long as the UBP exists will the PLP and it’s supporters always be united in opposition to the UBP?

Would independents work? If it worked before the PLP and UBP existed than why not now? Would it be possible for independents to publically, transparently and openly vote on every issue based upon either their own conscience or the believed desires of those they represent? Could they not back PLP proposals they believe in and oppose those they don’t? Would they also be more able to propose or sponsor legislation with the potential for PLP members to join in supporting it without marked as traitors?

Could the disbanding of the UBP spell an end to party politics? Would the end of party politics be what we need most in order to achieve true progress away from focusing on Us vs. Them? Would it move our people closer towards unity and closer to a focus on debating real issues as opposed to focusing on who is who?

Does the UBP’s very existance make it impossible for this endless historical battle to ever end and thus would disbanding finally cause people to focus on the issues? Would we be better off with an opposition composed of independents? Thus should the UBP give PLP supporters what they’ve always wanted and disband in the best interests of Bermuda and it’s people?

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2 thoughts on “Should the UBP disband?

  1. PLP black berets final solution:
    shake down and nationalize all local broadcast and news media companies,(Zimbabwe Cement Company)
    outlaw free speech and jail dissidents
    arm bands and internment camps for those of lighter hue,and house niggers too!

  2. The election proved one thing very clearly, race is the only salient issue for the majority of the island.
    In most other countries, certainly any of the ones most bermudians would want to be compared to, the tactics used by the PLP, their actions regarding the media, and the serious allegations lodged against them would have seen many resign in shame, many lose their seats in the government, and the quality candidates left to pick up the pieces.
    Not here.
    Here racist comments are rewarded with a seat in parliament. Here the flaunting of laws results in a senate seat. Here significant allegations of corruption get you elected, and you can even steal a cement company too.
    After processing these results I have come to believe that the best thing to happen is for the UBP to disband and for white people in general to avoid politics. Those in charge clearly are willing to stop at nothing to get and keep power. They are willing to destroy the social fabric of the island to do it. Let them have it I say. First to stop any further need for them to do more damage, and second, to make it abundantly clear who is responsible for the successes and failures of the island.
    By that I do not mean whites are responsible for success and vice versa. I mean the government will no longer have a ready-made whipping boy to distract from their failures. If they succeed in real (i.e. not propaganda) terms, no one will be more happy than I. But I do not expect it until cronyism and legislative dispossession are abandoned.
    Until the average bermudian wakes up to the fact that even with the UBP gone, students still aren’t getting educations, tax dollars are still being wasted and looted, and until they realize that property rights are being eroded at a quickening pace. In other words, until they are willing to recognize that legitimate criticism, achievement, and good governance are race neutral concepts.
    We are now hearing cries from PLP supporters that we need an opposition. Actually they need an opposition, or more appropriately, the illusion of an opposition. The opposition for the PLP is merely a straw man which they can then launch racial and class-warfare based attacks against hoping that the smoke produced will hide their dismal achievements over the past nine years…and counting.
    The princples of the PLP are to co-opt the quality suggestions of the opposition and use them for its destruction. The participation of the opposition despite their utter lack of influence merely lends an undue legitimacy to this government as a representative body of the country when they have no desire to be representative.
    Dr. Brown, et al. have no reason to heed any suggestions from anyone, no matter what race or party, because they now have a mandate for another 5 years of what we have already seen. There is no reason to stop the police motorcades, no reason to stop the cronyism, no reason to be on budget, or fulfil promises, or stop the looting of the public coffers for insane travel budgets, etc.
    Let them take this style of governance, i.e. cronyism and looting, to the logical conclusion. Give them free reign because I assure you, if the UBP can’t win under the circumstances of the last election, they can’t win. If the average person wakes up in time, fantastic. In the meantime, prepare for the probability they will not and take whatever personal and financial precautions you feel are necessary.
    It is a dangerous move for anyone who loves this place and cares about its future, but I have become convinced it is the only chance left to save it. What means are left when argument and reason are considered afterthoughts as shown by platforms being released mere weeks before the vote by the winning party, or when conspiracy theories trump common sense, or where racial alliegences matter more than the pressing issues of the day.
    This is my last post until the day debate is possible. I know who John Galt is.

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