Previously we noted the lack of foresight in policy planning related to the introduction of term limits.  Vexed Bermoothes picked up on this and noted the lack of foresight in the implementation of the new demerit points system for traffic offenses.  Now we take note of the lack of foresight when it comes to the introduction of midi-buses.  Again that question arises, does foresight and proper planning come into consideration when it comes to the introduction of new policy?

Donte Hunt, the St. George’s South MP, has noted in a recent Royal Gazette article that the promised East End midi-bus service is inconsistent if not nonexistent. 

“The service may have been started, but it is our understanding that the new buses have not held to their daytime, hour-on-the-hour schedule,” said Mr. Hunt,

“Residents have reported that the buses, when they are seen, are few and far between. Reports indicate that there may be a driver issue with the steering of the vehicles. “

In response, Premier and Minister of Transportation, Ewart Brown suggested that there was a shortage of midi buses which is causing problems.

He said: “There is a regular schedule that is being maintained in St. David’s with a full size vehicle. We currently have two Euro 3 Midi-buses. We were able to obtain the last two from that model’s production line.

“We are currently trying to obtain the Euro 4, a later model, however it is not currently available with an automatic transmission. “

Here’s a question, if this policy was more than just a quick and dirty vote winner, shouldn’t it have been planned out enough in advance to ensure there is enough availability?  Indeed, going back to the announcement it is suggested that the government was planning to bring in 8 midi buses, not simply 2, so why not plan for 8?

The Royal Gazette also suggests the Bermuda Sun reported last month that midi bus drivers were upset about the lack of power steering and the accessibility of the handicapped ramp and were taking the keys as a result.  This again raises questions of foresight and planning.  Shouldn’t those who were due to drive the midi buses have been included in the selection process?  If they had been would they be able to turn around and blame the government for problems with the midi-buses?

Foresight is a question that lingers on the minds of at least some in the blogging community and likely some of this writer’s fellow St. David’s residents as they continue to be poorly served.  While the PLP was able to sail in to win constituency #3 based on lofty promises of improved transport, they have as of yet failed to deliver on those promises.  All we’re left to wonder is where is the foresight and planning when it comes to the introduction of new policy?

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