Quoting Burch

Senator David Burch:

“The assertion that every effort is made to employ Bermudians in this industry rings a little hollow when we can recruit over 200 people to work on the Hustle Truck.”

While long time readers of this blog know of it’s fondness and defense of the hustle truck program, a distinction should be made.  There is a difference between a hustle truck worker who can show up one day and skip the next if they don’t feel like it and a person who is relied upon to arrive on time and prepared each day to play their part, even if it is just to wash pots.

Perhaps more should be done to identify those of the 200 who establish a track record of reliability and establish a program with various businesses around the island to get some of these workers into the low skilled positions filled by non-Bermudians.  However, their progress and reliability should continue to be tracked as it would be unreasonable to expect any company to employ someone who is irresponsible and unreliable, at which their best place would be with programs such as the hustle truck.

In another quote Senator Burch Suggests:

“The repeated threat that term limits will see businesses leave Bermuda doesn’t add up when one learns of the record profits that have been generated under this very same vilified Progressive Labour Party Government.”

Unfortunately Senator Burch is blind to seeing it but businesses aren’t simply closing up shop and leaving, at least not yet.  Instead, due to the term limit policy, back office jobs that were once Bermuda based are being migrated to other offices off-island.  The problem with this is that with these jobs go the entry level opportunities for individuals like Premier Brown’s fabled young Johnny as well as the jobs that many Bermudians rely on.

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