A site I’d like to note for later use is Swivel.  Swivel is an innovative website dedicated to enabling people to share and analyze data.  The site is pretty cool as of my first trial as it automatically generates graphs and allows you to update the data such as adding rows.

Here’s an example of Annual Visitor Arrival Numbers from the National Economic Report of Bermuda 2007


Here’s an automatically produced chart of the arrivals data from 2002-2007


From what I can tell, the site will aggregate the data in time so that comparisons are produced.  This could prove a useful resource for collaboratively compiling data as well as providing a central place to consolidate data from various sources.

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  1. Denis, I would like to see you create some data on the massive waste of taxpayer’s money spent on salaries,cabinet and the PLP propaganda machine. Including pay-to-play schemes at KEMH,insider perks and paybacks for construction firms,Zimbabwe Cement Co.Stonington,Southlands,travel,and the resulting increased taxes, and social problems,crime,drugs and the homeless.

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