Canvassing for a better community

It was with utmost surprise that I heard a woman call out earlier this evening to a neighbor next door, “Good evening, it’s Mrs. Foggo”.  A Member of Parliament, the representative of my constituency canvassing when there was no vote to win?  Indeed you can imagine my surprise when Mrs. Foggo, neighboring constituency candidate Mr. Perinchief and Mr. Thomas, a representative of the local housing assistance center, turned up at my door canvassing for a better community.

This serves as the first opportunity I have had to meet Ms. Foggo in person.  While she had canvassed my home a couple of times prior to the election, I unfortunately was never home at the time to meet her in person.  As it goes, neither was I home for the occasions that Ms. Roberts-Holzhouser, canvassing for the opposition, stopped by.

Regular readers of my blog likely recall that I refused to support Ms. Foggo in the last election given the remarks she made at a PLP rally.  The reasons at the time were that I refused to have as my representative someone who used historically biased racial motivation as a means to get elected as opposed to focusing on a forward looking view of what she could do for our community.   While I remain entirely disappointed by and opposed to such remarks, they were reminiscent of the past election and shall not stop me from welcoming Ms. Foggo’s attempts to be a worthy representative of our community.

Ms. Foggo’s recent visit scores as admirable.  Not only was she canvassing at a time when there was no election to win but she also expressed concern about the issues facing St. David’s islanders.  With the assistance of her colleagues, she was ready to take note of and propose to follow up on my concerns and I duly hope she does so.  Beyond this she offered me her correct email address (as you might also recall, I had some difficulty getting a hold of her via her official PLP email prior to the election) and invited me to attend the bi-weekly meetings she hosts each week for constituents to come out and express their concerns.

During this brief encounter I took the opportunity to express some concerns I have voiced regarding the lack of adequate evening bussing to St. David’s as well as the lack of an adequate source for up to date schedules, especially via the government web site.  My suggestion that more express evening busses would be a suitable solution to the problem was mentioned and Ms. Foggo suggested that she has a meeting coming up soon where she shall pass along the recommendation and I certainly hope she shall.

Ultimately I remain pleasantly surprised that Ms. Foggo took the time to stop by.  I can certainly appreciate the time and dedication it takes to canvass the constituency on a regular basis outside of the election period.  This along with the unfortunate circumstance of being at the beck and call of every constituent that believes their candidate can and should solve their every problem.  As well as the time and involvement it takes to be a contributing member to the betterment of our community, the formation of legislation and the contributions to discussions of future policy on our island.  It is my hope that Ms. Foggo continues to live up to the precedent she has now set and focuses her attention on the things she can do to better St. David’s as well as our island.

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