Encouraging discussion on proposed legislative changes

As has been lamented many times by various bloggers, Vexed Bermoothes especially, the lack of published agendas, amendments and hansard minutes of parliamentary sessions are of considerable disappointment.

A number of proposed amendments have been passed on to me which I’ve posted here.  It is my hope that despite the short notice (the amendments are due to be debated on Wednesday the 9th) that considerable discussion can be garnered that could provide valuable feedback to our legislators to help strengthen the proposed legislation. 

It would be desireable if the opportunity for public viewing and discussion of proposed legislation could occur prior to every parliamentary debate as a part of the official process.  Common members of the public should have the opportunity and be encouraged to become more involved in ensuring that legislation crafted for our island gains adequate feedback to ensure a strong and prosperous Bermuda that best fits the needs of its people.

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1 thought on “Encouraging discussion on proposed legislative changes

  1. Agree 100%. Why this isn’t the case is baffling. Government ought to be providing this to us on its many vehicles (most useful would be front and centre on gov.bm). Apparently a few other legislative amendments have been pushed through but there’s no easy way to find out (Vexed mentioned the Gazette dedicating a sentence to it in an article).

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