Party or government?

Who’s surprised that the announcement of the completion of a government study has been placed on the PLP’s web site before the actual government web site?  The sad blending of party and government continues. 

Some credit could certainly be given for the increase in the level of communication from government but on the other hand one could wonder what exactly we’re paying for.  Especially when you consider the host of communications consultants and public relations people that government keeps on staff. 

If government is intent on making all announcements via the party web site shouldn’t we be attempting to save money and cutting staff in the department of communications?  Certainly if we’re wasting money on the tourism dept in New York surely we’re also wasting it in communications.

While we’re on that tack note how recently there have a been a host of Ministerial statements placed up on the PLP’s web site yet the lack of updates on the web pages and sites of the actual ministries involved.   Friday alone features statements from Education, Health, Culture and Social Rehabilitation, Finance and the Premier.  Yet, is there a statement on the Education’s page on the government portal?  Nope.  How about the web site?  Nope.  The Ministry of Health?  Nothing.  Culture and Social Rehabilitation?  You guessed it.  Surprisingly both of the Finance Minister’s statements made it, but none of the Premier’s. 

This preference for updating the party web site instead of the official government portal is ridiculous and leads one to wonder if our leadership has forgotten that they’re actually not the opposition.  Indeed, they can and should be making official statements via the official channels, not the party ones.  Then again it falls right in line with the public meetings that are supposed to be government ones but are announced and advertised as party meetings.

Sadly, the blending of party and government shows no sign of abating.

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