The opaque UBP

A large part of what I am in support of are the much needed revisions to our governance to make it more transparent and more accountable.  Namely the greater transparency and good government the PLP promised before 1998 but never followed through with and the similar greater transparency and good government the UBP has been promising.  Without getting into the PLP’s failures in this regard I’d like to focus on the UBP and the hard time believing that if elected they’d be any different from the PLP in conveniently tossing such initiatives in the rubbish bin once they’d won.

Why do I doubt the UBP?  Well it all comes down to that old adage that you should practice what you preach.  As much as the UBP preached that they’d be transparent they haven’t proven it in practice.  Indeed, the party itself is still shrouded in secrecy with private meetings and behind the scenes decisions that no one knows about.  There is no participatory decision making nor is there any transparency and, as such, I think this hypocrisy adds one more reason why the UBP isn’t trusted.  Perhaps the UBP has the greatest ideas on the planet that they want to keep secret so that the PLP doesn’t steal them.  To such an argument I simply point to the last election where ideas didn’t win it.

If the UBP truly believes in transparency it should start putting its money where its mouth is and stop hiding behind tradition.

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