UBP popularity, or lack thereof

Anyone surprised by the UBP’s poor ratings in a recent Research.bm poll likely also believed that 49% of the population supported them in the last election.  Today’s announcement that the UBP achieved only 30% support in a recent poll follows along the lines of a sentiment held by this writer since the election.  A sentiment that rather than having achieved 49% of the populace’s support last election, really it may well have been closer to 30% with the other 19% not so much supporting the opposition as instead simply voting against the incumbent.

One example of why support could be low are the many times this writer has heard people claim that the opposition have no teeth, and frankly, this writer agrees.  Take a recent quasi blog/press release made by Opposition Leader Kim Swan

“It is unfortunate that circumstances were allowed to get to the point where the Premier was forced to call today’s extraordinary meeting, but I see it as a sign that he and his government are simply out of touch with mainstream Bermuda. “

Yawn.  “Unfortunate”?  We had thousands of people rally to take a stand against government and the most inspirational thing Mr. Swan can come up with is unfortunate? 

“Economic conditions are worsening, and the sooner there is a government in place that understands the cost-of-living challenges facing workers the better for all.”

Isn’t the election already over?  If so, why does this statement sound like the UBP is still canvassing for leadership?  Teeth would work well here, as would the acceptance that they are the opposition for the next five years. 

“The frustrations expressed by workers are understandable: The Government pays no attention to them and, when it does, it behaves with callous disregard.”

It is nice that Mr. Swan chooses to use big words like callous disregard, but unfortunately it was necessary to be held up by a desk to stop from falling asleep while reading his piece.  As a mentor once suggested, people will quickly forget what you tell them but they’ll easily remember how you make them feel.  Mr. Swan would do well to focus more on firing people up than reminding them that they could have chosen the UBP in the last election.

Internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell once said “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.  Inspirational words that hopefully shall inspire our opposition to think to the future and start leading.

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