Zooming nowhere

For those who haven’t heard, low cost airline operator Zoom who provided our second link for flights to the UK is no more.

Sadly should we wish to fly to Europe this leaves us stuck with the option of British Airways who, from the experiences of this writer, has horrible service which leaves a great deal to be desired or the alternative of flying through the states, though hopefully not through American Airlines, whose service is on par with the mediocrity of British Airways.

Hopefully the price of oil will drop and we’ll see the return of more competition in the air travel sector.

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1 thought on “Zooming nowhere

  1. I am not the least bit surprised that the subject ‘low-cost’ carrier has made its final landing… there will be more such operators following suite!
    I once asked the late, Wing Commander E. M. Ware, then Director of Civil Aviation, why Bermuda did not court low-cost airlines. He cautioned that Bermuda would be better served by the tradition established carrier and that there was a real chance that an un-established carrier could force one of our long serving airlines to fly elsewhere. Imagine our situation soon after Zoom began operations, had BA declared that it could no longer server Bermuda as the run was not profitable and promptly ceased operations from the U.K. Do u think that Dr. Brown and crew would be able to coax them back?
    Moe told me that the air transportation history was rife with low-cost/start-up fly-by-nite operators who too often, suddenly and without warning, stranded hundreds or more passengers when its operations were suddenly suspended. Ask those now stranded at the airport if BA flights are too expensive? “You pays ya money and ya takes ya chances!”
    Can we afford to attract a replacement fly-by-nite operator on the European route? Can we afford to push BA off the route? I believe in competition, but on a ‘level playing field.’ Clearly Zoom was not competitive at all and was in fact very unprofitable and there is no doubt that high oil is a contributing factor; as it is for BA, but BA has the financial leggs to stick it out. Thank you to BA for sticking with us.
    Capt. E. R. Pitcher,
    Air Transport Flight Operations Expert

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