The UBP needs new ideas.

The UBP’s plan for rejuvenating itself relies on the same tactics that have failed it in the past.  It has taken a top down approach to deciding its future which has reduced diversity of opinion and lessened its chances for success.  It shrouded itself in secrecy by appointing a small committee of like minded thinkers who inherently will produce like minded ideas.  Then it expanded the results out to its central caucus who again are like minded thinkers all likely to produce similar ideas.  Finally it expanded out to preach to those already converted to get confirmation on their grand plans for revitalizing the party.  The problem?  Kids who like broccoli are not a good source for getting kids who don’t to eat it.

The UBP has it backwards.  Rather than top down and shrouded in secrecy they should be bottom up and out in the open.  The UBP could start the process with the people they are trying to serve by reaching out to them for their ideas and their opinions.  Reach out to the average person, man or woman, UBP or PLP, and ask for their input on what the UBP can do to ensure the best possible future for Bermuda.  Canvas the entire island for suggestions and exhaust every possibility.

It is at this stage you create a committee not to decide the way forwards but to sift through what has hopefully become a mountain of suggestions.  The committee would review every submission and attempt to categorize like ideas and highlight suggestions.  The end result being a diverse as possible short list of no more than 5 options for the way forwards.  Subsequently the UBP would then take that short list to the people, all people, in the form of a vote for how they should proceed forward.

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2 thoughts on “The UBP needs new ideas.

  1. Denee,
    Why do you keep wasting your time trying to flogg a dead horse? The UBP just don’t get it! The stallwarts in the background weild the ‘real’ power in the party and they an’t gonna give it up.
    What you suggest is to sensable an idea – it would bring the former rulling class down to earth, out of the clouds, into light of day where we could all see and possible offer suggestions; what? such ratical ideas would bring new blood, new ideas, a new vision, and best of all, a new plan that the ‘people’ would have had a hand in establishing.
    Focus on your career and let the die-hards die a natural death.

  2. “The stallwarts in the background weild the ‘real’ power in the party and they an’t gonna give it up”.
    Isn’t that what they have just done…for the third time?
    What are they left to hold on to? Memories?
    Totally agree with Denis…they need to be out there asking the questions. Until they get the answers, they can have no possible idea of direction.

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