Where is the September 30th, 2008 regulatory update from the Bermuda Monetary Authority?  I’d like an update on our savings vs. loans ratios to get an idea of whether or not our lending ratio is peaking and we’re possibly experiencing a localized downturn in our housing markets which could have troubling implications.  It’s October 24th already, why is the report nearly a month late?

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You put up with this kind of performance?

What is the UBP trying to accomplish by calling for resignations of Housing Minister Burch and the Premier?  Sure, these gentlemen are laughingly living up to their monikers as men who ‘get things done’ but resignation calls from the Opposition?  What does that accomplish, really?  The opposition needs to stop thinking they need to ‘oppose’ everything and start empowering the people to stand up for themselves.

It’s easy to find performance faults and make resignation calls.  Look at Mr. Swan’s recent poll results, they’re so terrible this writer could justifiably call for his resignation.  Though the question arises of who would care and what would it accomplish?  Would Mr. Swan actually resign if an outsider of the UBP called for his resignation due to poor performance?  Doubtful.  Thus it is a bit baffling when the UBP does it as clearly no one believes the PLP will actually listen and ultimately it ends up coming off as a shallow means of self promotion which has the opposite effect to what is likely intended.

As suggested, calling for Mr. Swan’s resignation on the part of this writer is pointless and accomplishes nothing.  Should one actually want to get Mr. Swan to resign, or even simply have him placed under greater scrutiny, is there a better way?  Would a call out to the UBP’s support base to ask if this kind of performance is really indicative of the man they hope will lead them back into power do more to persuade UBP supporters to see things from another perspective?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but at least I wouldn’t be making myself look worse by doing so.  Subsequently, it wouldn’t look like I’m still beating the dead horse of ‘we told you so and we could have done better’.

Despite the misleading name, the opposition shouldn’t focus so much on ‘opposing’ and focus more on empowering.  Rather than call for resignations, the opposition should be asking the people if this is what they voted for and let them make the calls.  They should be asking the people if this kind of performance is acceptable and if they’ll stand for it.  They should be getting out there and interviewing those 200 people who originally won that lottery and asking them if they think the Minister of Housing should put his money where his mouth is.  At least then you accomplish two things.  You empower the people to start speaking up for themselves and demanding what is right and you more stealthily get your message out there without making yourself look bad.

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