Bizarro-Obama Brown is at it again dividing the Bermudian people against each other for political gain.  Our Premier claims that:

“If you looked at the voting patterns in Bermuda, which all vote in lines, if whites in Bermuda were to vote in the US using the same lines, they would have voted for the other man.”

What is amazing is how much we heard that whites in the US would never vote for a black man as leader of the country.  Funny how those claims never ended up holding weight.  The question to ask is whether whites vote along the lines of race or the lines for or against the ideals Obama  stands for.  Ideals the PLP certainly do not today represent.

How truly embarrassing it is for Bermuda to have a leader who would exploit President-elect Obama’s race for political gain in the face of everything he stands for.

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4 thoughts on “Bizarro-Obama

  1. Ewart Brown’s comments are part of a well calculated plan. When will people get past this racial rhetoric he used in the last election and continues to use today and finally start focusing on issues. As long as Ewart keeps us divided as Bermudians the longer he will keep power. Its so transparent (wish I could say the same for his administration).
    Really Ewart lets do some basic math here. Approximately half of the UBP’s candidates in the last election were black. Now unlike the US Dr. Brown, we in Bermuda dont vote for the leader of the party during an election. Therefore at least half of those same people you seem to think would have voted for Senator McCain, would have voted for a black person if they voted UBP.
    I pray that one day both the PLP and UBP and any form of party politics are removed from Bermuda. What we need are the best minds of our country, who have Bermuda’s best interests at heart in control. I firmly believe this is the only way we will ever move forward to better race relations. While the Big Conversation is a nice idea, how can people really take it seriously when the man behind it is spewing this type of racial nonsense?
    Remember people: Reverse Racism is still Racism!!!

  2. what else do you expect from a 60’s Black Beret terrorist?
    divide and conquer,diverts attention from his latest theft, lies,and failure.
    straight out of the dictator’s handbook
    Control the media
    Control the Auditor General
    vilify whitey and ex pats
    ID cards
    I am shocked that none of the liberal blogs have given this any comment,
    Expat’s face smashed in mugging
    A guest worker was left with a shattered cheekbone and bloodied face after he was attacked with motorcycle helmets by robbers in Pembroke over the weekend.
    He was walking down Richmond Road, when two guys jumped down, beat him to the ground with helmets and shattered his cheekbone.
    “They beat him up pretty good. They stole his bag with his wallet with all of his bank information and his watch. What was exceptionally frightening was that before they said anything they just jumped him and beat him.”
    “This guy could have been mortally wounded,” he said. “The Police car drove by our house twice and we were the only house with the lights on. I was reading in the paper today about all the Police patrols. Certainly, there were no street patrols here last night. Where is the community policing here?”
    the expatriate architect was severely shocked, very confused and in a lot of pain. He remains on a general ward in the hospital
    watch your back…your next!

  3. RG today :the crows are about to come home to roost … and right on your doorstep.
    Think again…
    November 17, 2008
    Dear Sir,
    I address this to those PLP voters who, in my opinion, last December selected their representatives on the basis of race. Folks, the crows are about to come home to roost … and right on your doorstep. You decided that competence, integrity and experience was secondary to race and now you, and to a lesser extent, we, are about to see just how ‘race’ solves problems.
    I just returned from a conference on the current worldwide economic issues, with some emphasis on what people think will be the impact on Bermuda, and believe me when I say, the fun is about to begin. If you were born after the Second World War you probably have (a) never experienced this kind of economic turmoil and (b) even though you may think the UBP was a bunch of racist ogres, you at least had the benefit of ability and experience.
    Now all you have is Ewart and, very maybe, Paula. The rest do what they are told, when they are told and how to do it. And tell me something … when was the last time you saw a doctor and a lawyer able to solve massive financial problems? Doc and Paula were probably just sitting there last December like George Bush and saying “Well, we’re back in control … sure hope nothing happens on this watch!”
    The economic problems that the world, and Bermuda face, are probably not fixable any time soon, at least by Bermuda. What you lost when you gave up on the UBP was access to people who could develop alternatives … and if you think Ewart and Paula are capable of doing that, well, I have a bridge to sell you. You may not have liked them but the people of the UBP had (and continue to have) access to the intellect, the experience and the contacts to develop international business in order to create another economic pillar to stand beside tourism. Ain’t gonna happen, people … not with the PLP … and if you think that old poser picture with Barack means anything to Mr. O … think again – a few times. .. ”

  4. I’m a ‘white’ Bermudian and I would have voted for Obama. Comments like this is the reason why Bermuda is a place I sometimes fear will create a society like Jamaica.

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