History tends to repeat

My biggest fear with regards to the proposed pay raise is that the PLP won’t have learned anything from the last one they gave themselves.    Shortly after deeming themselves worthy of a pay raise, so too did nearly every civil servant and government employed worker from the trash collectors to the teachers, to bus drivers, to senior civil servants.  The PLP were the architects of their own labour problems when they brazenly gave themselves raises.   The question is, are they smart enough to realize it this time around?

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1 thought on “History tends to repeat

  1. Denis,
    I am just getting around to commenting but as a political observer I would think you would be a bit more astute.
    The Board that recommended these increases is made up of independent people who are not politicians themselves.
    The board sat a few years ago and is legislated to sit every x amount of years to review salaries.
    So it wasnt about the PLP government voting themselves salary increases. It was about the government reading the recommendation of the Salaries Board and then deciding whether to accept or reject it.
    It seems like on both sides of the house they did the appropriate thing in rejecting the raise due to the current economic situations.

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