Mini Nuclear Power Plant?

Something of interest:

Underground nuclear power plants no bigger than a hot tub may soon provide electricity for communities around the world. Measuring about 1.5 meters across, the mini reactors can each power about 20,000 homes.

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1 thought on “Mini Nuclear Power Plant?

  1. Great link, Denis.
    I have to be a little pessimistic about the unit. The picture they tout is only the reactor core. To produce electricity from an attached steam turbine would require a much bigger space, plus the ability to reject large amounts of heat to condense the steam, plus make-up water, water treatment, etc. Steam plants require a huge number of auxiliary services and safety devices. Have a look at Tynes Bay, which is only a 5MW turbine.
    Great premise, but misleading info on their site. Definitely not ready for prime time yet.

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