Still no solution?


Rising Road Blockers.

Why has this not yet been solved?

Yesterday's stoppage follows two months of bus drivers and support staff being on a work-to-rule sparked by safety concerns that motorists were using Washington Street for through traffic, resulting in accidents.

Can someone please explain why we haven't combined the RFID systems with rising road blockers to restrict access to Washington Street to buses only?

As for the union, we've already discussed our feelings towards strikes

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3 thoughts on “Still no solution?

  1. meetings,consultants,the big CON conversation ,what has been resolved in 10 years of spin,waste, corruption and thievery?
    Brown’s black beret’s destroyed the island with burning riots murders and assassinations in the 70s,strikes in 80s, this is just another nail in Bermuda’s coffin

  2. That looks like a pretty good way to stop abuse of that street by those using it as a thoroughfare.
    As for the strike action, it’s just another situation where Bermudians and visitors suffer. Why they keep doing these wildcat strikes, ugh.

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