The magic of spin


You've got to love the attempts to spin anything and everything as a positive as it has reached a point where is it just plain humorous.  The latest?  Health Minister Nelson Bascome's suggestion that the high level of interest in Future Care is indicative of it's success.

"Although there has been some concern in the media about us creating limitations on who can access the plan in the first year, I believe that this concern is also an endorsement of how well we have done in creating FutureCare."

"While there was limited interest in the Government's HIP, the interest shown towards FutureCare tells me that we have gotten it right."

Sure.  Clearly last election could have included the promise to make every Bermudian a millionaire and no doubt we'd be in the same predicament.  Subsequent to the election it would have been realized that it wouldn't actually be as simple as printing more money, millions would have been handed out to a handful of people with most Bermudians having gotten the shaft.  Despite this, clearly the program would have been a tremendous success given that every Bermudian scrambled to apply and the media raised questions about how it'd be paid for.  Right?

Clearly since everyone signed up to be a millionaire and there was previously limited interest in our "you're poor, so here's some foodstamps" program, the make everyone a millionaire program is a tremendous achievement.  Nevermind that only a handful made it now, don't worry, we'll get to you later.  Concern over how we'll afford it when we do you say?  That's trivial babble talk as we're taking a 'phased approach' and no indication whatsoever should be required as to how those other than the handful would also receive their millions.  Those are none other than boring actuarial minor details that no one needs to be bothered with.  Don't focus on the fact that you got nothing, focus on the program's success because everyone wants to be a millionaire and you were almost one of the lucky ones who got the chance.  Remember the program is a success people!  A success!

It's magic.

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3 thoughts on “The magic of spin

  1. Why not ask you Grandmother? If she was one of the lucky ones? Her answer may be reveiling, or not!
    The Minister was not speaking to ‘us’, but to all those who are desperate to hear ‘babble’ that will once again calm their growing unease. They need to believe and the Minister has delivered their ‘truth’ pill.
    Time is ticking!

  2. Brilliant and very humerous analogy. Opium for the masses and proof that maybe you can fool all the people all the time.

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