Vexed, how could you?

Who else is appauled at what Vexed Bermoothes has to say about our Premier's commentary regarding the Summit of the Americas?

"the Premier avoids mentioning the breathtaking allegations of corruption and mismanagement in TCI. It’s worrying that the Premier would attend such a high profile event, and this is all he has to offer."

Vexed, how could you?  Clearly you missed the very important detail where the Premier and his wife got the chance for a photo-op with Obama.  Obama! 

Why should we waste our time with trivial details like the potential of Cuba opening up to American tourists and effectively slaughtering our already poorly performing volume based discount approach to tourism?  Please.  That'd be like admitting that the nitwit that writes that 21 Square blog actually may have been on to something when he never shut up about shooting for exclusivity over discount tourism.

Thankfully we don't have to and shouldn't believe anything the Royal Gazette prints as clearly our Premier covered all of this and allayed the concerns of our people but the biased media prevailed by not printing it.  No, the website doesn't need to be updated with full exerpts of what he actually said, nor does which doesn't load anyway.  Get your facts straight people!  Talk to the right people in the know and when in doubt 'believe'.

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