Stretched thin

The Bermuda Industrial Union may not realize it yet but this deal to wipe their performance bond requirement may end up being a worse decision than the one that originally got them into this mess.  By effectively cheating non-BIU workers the BIU has taken what was already a thin line of tolerance for their antics and stretched it much further.  The result may well be that people are now left with little to no tolerance for BIU actions.  A result which gives the government near absolute power over the BIU as the public may well very quickly turn against the BIU regardless of the situation.

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1 thought on “Stretched thin

  1. the corrupt BIU-PLP elite dont give a rats ass about the dumb slobs who put them in power
    “The failure of proactive is the failure of the PLP elite dictatorship to understand the cost factor of socialism. WORK or CRIME.
    Give Locals jobs or pay $7000 a month to lock them up for robberies.”

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