“We did it”

*** Satire ***

In a rather shocking public announcement the UBP has come forth to admit guilt in past immoral conduct.  In a public statement made earlier today to members of the press Opposition Leader Kim Swan admitted “It was with tremendously poor moral character that we, the United Bermuda Party, were the true masterminds behind the original coup to remove former Premier Jennifer Smith.”  In this shocking revelation Mr. Swan continued by suggesting to the 3 strong UBP membership base “we had to mislead you.  It was a necessary action to continue filling the pocket books of rich white people, namely our friends in the construction industry”.  In this startling admission of guilt Mr. Swan suggested that despite this unethical but not illegal behavior there was no need to remove Premier today as he has succeeded in fulfilling the UBP’s vision for the future.

In other news a prominent staunch PLP supporter previously heard screaming on the talk shows suggesting “It was wrong then and it’s wrong now! Two wrongs don’t make a right! Two wrongs don’t make a right! We should have learned our lesson!” was last seen headed towards the cabinet building, pitchfork and loudspeaker in hand chanting “The UBP is the culprit, they did it!  Get the Premier!”

*** Satire ***

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