Act of god

Defending his actions regarding the Guantanamo Detainees imported to the island Premier Brown is quoted as suggesting:

"I was performing an act of God that might not have been approved by the Queen, but I can assure you it was ordained by a higher power."

An act of God?  This is the same kind of thing terrorists say before blowing up buildings full of innocent people.

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4 thoughts on “Act of god

  1. He is a megalomaniac, pure and simple. Good luck to the PLP with dealing with him.

  2. “Jesus Ewart Christ” will become the new terminology across the upper etchelon of Bermuda.
    I’d say “Lord help us” but apparently we’re already getting it…

  3. in desperation ,EB has imported fellow american and Race Pimp Sharpton to stir up marches and mayhem
    Sharpton’s a racist,a fraud,(Tawana Brawley fiasco)Jew hater, riot instigator,accessory to murder (Freddie’s Fashion Mart)tax cheat,owes nearly $1.5 million in taxes, other penalties,HBO sting shows he is a dope dealer Sharpton got $500G in illegal cash during White House run, Federal Election Commission audit says-November 14th 2008

  4. Sal,
    Can I ask you to tone it down in my comments? You’re welcome to post what you like on your own blog and provide a link or a trackback.

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