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It is no secret that Bermuda is well known as being the destination for people living in their golden years.  The problem is that we keep making half assed attempts at trying to be something we're not when we really should be getting back to basics by focusing on our core market and the quality of our product.

With that in mind I had an idea for a tv ad that follows more along the lines of the audience we'd actually be targeting.

Imagine a setting of 3 or 4 elderly couples sitting around at brunch.  While lifting a tea glass to her lips one of the elderly ladies pauses to remark to the others "you know, next month it'll have been 40 years that we've all known each other".  One of the gentlemen pipes in "40 years?  Has it really been that long? [pause]  Perhaps we should do something to celebrate?".  Another one pipes in "hmm, that sounds like a good idea, should we relive on of the places of our heyday?  [pause] We could go back to Ibiza"

[Cut scene to Ibiza night club with the couples standing in middle of a dancefloor near a stage surrounded by heavily partying youth]

One of the gentlemen turns to the other yelling "I can't hear anything!".  The other responds yelling "What did you say?"  The camera cuts to the stage where a couple buckets of water are thrown on young women on the stage in what could be a wet t-shirt contest, subsequently causing the couples to be splashed by the spray, the men rather shockingly taking it all in.

[quickly cutting back to the brunch to focus on one of the ladies who acts like she's just had a flashback and shivers at the thought while showing a slight expression of disgust on her face]  "No, I don't think ibiza is the right place" she remarks.  "We could try skydiving again" she suggests.

[Cut to the shot of one of the gentlemen freefalling attached to an instructor, terrified, screaming his head off as he falls.  Quickly cut back to that gentleman at the brunch]  "No", he remarks almost too quickly, "we've already done that and it's likely be boring the second time".   "Sure … boring, that's it" taunts one of the other gentlemen.

Finally, one of the ladies who hadn't yet spoken says "How about we try somewhere new like Bermuda?"

[Show the group contemplating it for a moment]

[cut to scenes of them enjoying Bermuda.

Eg, enjoying themselves riding around on rental bikes,  shots of the gentlemen having a great time golfing, shots of the women being pampered in spas, shots of them relaxing at the beach, shots of them scuba diving wrecks, various stills as if they're vacation photos of them at various landmarks and shots of them enjoying wine cruising on a catamaran with the sunset in the background]

Cut to a Bermuda logo and a Bermudian gentlemen standing next to it saying "Bermuda…  your undiscovered paradise…  we've been waiting for you"
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4 thoughts on “Back to what we’re good at

  1. Honestly Denis, I think you’ve found your calling. You have a gift for great ad campaigns. This one would work.

  2. Reality Check: There is no way the PLP would ever consider this, not from this author.
    Denis, you did such a good job describing it that my mind keeps playing it back as though I actually saw it and @ 59, it works for me.
    Here in Toronto, there are TV and Radio adds from Barbados, Cuba, Nassau, etc., every day. Bermuda? Oh that is the place that just made the US safer! Maybe Bermuda is not safer – what was the phone # for Ibiza?

  3. Renaissance Man,
    Well if you know anyone looking for one let me know, it’d likely be a fun thing to throw together in my free time.

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