Choose your own adventure

You're sitting in your car and an active news bulletin comes up over the radio.  Apparently police are hunting a chain saw murderer that has been seen in your area.  Just then, a friend pulls up next to you in a truck.  He motions to a plaid clad man with a chainsaw sitting in his cab and suggests he was giving him a ride but is now heading in a different direction but had promised the man a ride where he's going.  He asks if you'll take him since you're headed his way.  Do you:

A.  Slam on the gas pedal and drive away as fast as you can

B.  Accept the guy in your car with open arms because your friend tells you he's just a harmless lumberjack and don't ask for anything in return.

C.  Ask your friend for details on how he met this man and evidence of how he knows he's just a regular lumberjack given the recent radio reports and negotiate a deal for how your friend can make it up to you for helping him out.

Remember, this is the same friend you suspect has been spreading rumors to your girl that you're cheating on her in hopes that he can win her over.  She listens to him so you'll need to choose wisely.

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3 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure

  1. or
    “D. Flag your friend down before he can ask you and offer to take chainsaw guy with you: because you know it will irritate your girl who’s been really cramping your style lately.”

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